Joint Birthday Party

Susie and I share the same birthday month, but she is at the beginning and I am at the end. So we split the difference and had a joint party in the middle.

Matthew and David helped put candles in the cake.

They also helped sing the song,

and blow out the candles.

Yes, there are two cakes. Susie gets her annual ice cream cake, and I get my annual cake-with-the-wonderfully-awful-frosting-from-the-grocery-store.

Two cakes mean two knives.

The boys had some of my cake. David’s fork was clearly superfluous.

We had presents, let the boys run off their sugar high, and then tossed them in the tub. It was a lovely way to celebrate with my favorite sister.



August 17, 2010. family, special occasions.


  1. libbie replied:

    Happy birthday to you both! Like you, I LOVE that nasty-sweet store-boughten icing 🙂

  2. Susie replied:

    Thank goodness I’m your ONLY sister so I don’t have to compete to be “favorite.” Although, Mom’s given the favorite daughter award to complete outsiders…I guess that means the field is open. Nuts, I’m in trouble.

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