The Prince and the Pea

Kindergarten is great, but it wears us out.

I have to resist the temptation to stick a car in the cushion pile just to see if he notices.

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No Bad Guys Allowed

At school, they have a “stop” sign on the bathroom door. Matthew thought that was pretty cool. He wanted to make one for our house.

So we did.

We glued green and red paper together and Matthew wrote the “stop” and “go” on the correct sides. But then we had to find a place to hang it. The bathroom door didn’t work too well, so Matthew put it on the fridge.

And then had an idea.

He hung it on the fridge, “stop” sign out. He explained that if Bad Guys broke into the house, they would see the stop sign and would leave the fridge alone.

I don’t know why he thinks Bad Guys are going to break in, but it makes me laugh that he a) thinks they will respect the stop sign and b) wants to protect the contents of the fridge and not, say, the TV.

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3:30 AM

David has been sick, flat-out sick, since Thursday. He has a fever and a runny nose.  He doesn’t want to do much. Or eat much.

We are well versed in illness. We plumped up the couch pillows and settled down for the duration.

David did not feel well at bedtime last night.

David woke up at 3:30 AM. He would not go back to sleep.




Steven finally took him at 5:30 am so I could get an hour of sleep before (I know he can’t help it, but why is it always this way?) he leaves on a business trip.

David did not fall asleep this morning. He did not want to take his nap. I figured he had to be tired, because I was absolutely exhausted.

He is sleeping now. In my bed. And he snores.

I’m not letting him sleep much longer. I sincerely hope 3 AM comes and goes without me noticing tonight.

September 27, 2010. David. 2 comments.

Pool Party

Right before school started, the weather got cool. Now that it is the first day of Fall it’s 90 degrees. Such is weather in Northern Virginia.

But back to early September…. We had a birthday at a pool for our friend Evan. It was a little chilly. The boys cozied up to each other under their towel.

Even though it was chilly, the boys had fun playing in the pool and eating pizza and cake. I had to drag them home for David’s rest, blue lips and all.

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Dangers of Potty Training

We are done potty training (hooray), but that does not mean we are out of the woods.

In David’s defense, Matthew told him to. And why did Matthew tell him to?

Because Matthew did it three times himself. THREE! The first time, we chalked it up to experimentation. The second time we laughed and figured he had forgotten. The third time we started to wonder if falling on his head had jarred something loose.

David was not amused by his predicament. Thankfully, Daddy was able to get the potty seat off without much trouble.

Only time will tell if David learns this lesson faster than his older brother.

September 21, 2010. David, Mommy. 1 comment.

Julie’s Wedding

Steven and I got to attend the wedding of my long-time friend Julie this weekend. I have known Julie since we were in middle school. We meet at the “Shake Hands with Shakespeare” program run by Mary Schaller. We have known each other through bad hair, questionable fashion choices, and a trip to England, not to mention half a dozen plays.

Julie and Robb got married in Portsmouth. It was a beautiful ceremony and a lively reception. We were so happy to be a part of it.

The ceremony.

One of Julie's uncles played her in on the bagpipes. Another uncle gave her away.

Their friend, Ken, is a pastor. He did such a nice job officiating.

Julie's uncles sang the closing blessing.

We got to drink some wine on the lawn while the caterers re-arranged the hall for dinner.

There was a lot of dancing. Here is their first dance together.

The cake. It was delicious.

Cutting the cake.

One final song from the uncles. This time, Julie's mom was the focus.

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Happy Birthday, David!

It’s not a birthday until you’ve had cake, even if you have to mop up the kitchen floor first.

I tried my hand at carving a cake this time. David picked the frosting colors.

We lit the candles, sang the song,

and made a wish.

(I’m guessing David wished he got to blow out his own candles without help from Matthew.)

And then,

we ate!

It was yummy. David mostly ate the frosting, but that’s OK. Until I was in my 20’s  I did the same thing. (And sometimes, when no one is looking, I still do.)

David was delighted with his party. He went to bed singing “I am the birthday boy….”

The crown is from pre-school. He made it himself. He is very proud of it.

September 19, 2010. David, special occasions. 1 comment.

Three is a Magic Number

(I am a child of the 70’s, so now I have that song stuck in my head from “School House Rock.” You too? Excellent.)

Guess who turns three today?

Three years ago, we watched the NICU doctors and nurses whisk David out of the delivery. All we got to hold were the photos my night nurse took (God bless her.) It was a tough way for a small fry to come into the world.

But come in he did. And once his breathing got better, he proved just how healthy he would be by crying for the next 6 months. Well, not all the time, but darn close to it. (Love you, buddy!).

We had a pre-birthday celebration today complete with a full cup of milk spilled on a newly mopped floor.

Dressed in his birthday suit and his birthday crown, David helped Daddy clean up.

David is a delight (even if he does spill his milk) and we are so very blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy birthday, Little D.


Mommy and Daddy

September 18, 2010. David, special occasions. 2 comments.

Turkey Vultures

We have our share of wildlife here in the frontier that is Northern Virginia, but this was a new one for us.

A turkey vulture. In the front yard. Snacking (ewww, ick!) on a dead squirrel.

Totally gross.

Later in the afternoon, we had TWO turkey vultures enjoying their snack. But every time a car went by (which was often) they would flap off in a tizzy. One landed across the street and then tried to walk back across the road.

All of this was very entertaining for the boys and I. Just a little slice of “Wild Kingdom” in our front yard.

September 17, 2010. family. 1 comment.

The Supers At Home

Being a super hero is tough. Sometimes you need to chill out on the couch and watch a show.

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