Don’t Count Your Chickens….

… until you know what bus they ride.

Waiting to hear which session we have for Kindergarten has been this mother’s summer stress test.

Way back in winter, I asked a neighborhood friend to give me the skinny on Kindergarten. I got all sorts of useful information, including the fact that our neighborhood always goes afternoon. Always.

I talked to her on Monday when we STILL hadn’t heard. A week before school starts, four days until we meet the teacher, and we had no idea if we were AM or PM. “No worries,” she said, “you’ll have PM.” She talked to her friend, the PTO president, who reiterated that while transportation still hadn’t made the decision, we always go PM.

I got the call yesterday morning. We have morning kindergarten. OF COURSE we have morning kindergarten.

I had about 5 min. of panic before I started thinking of the ways in which AM kindergarten will be good for us. It would have been fine either way. We’ll adjust to whatever schedule we have, no matter what the schedule is.

But really, the day before we meet the teacher?

And we still don’t know when the bus will come. Or where. Or when he gets home.

Good thing we’re flexible.


September 2, 2010. family, Matthew.

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