Turkey Vultures

We have our share of wildlife here in the frontier that is Northern Virginia, but this was a new one for us.

A turkey vulture. In the front yard. Snacking (ewww, ick!) on a dead squirrel.

Totally gross.

Later in the afternoon, we had TWO turkey vultures enjoying their snack. But every time a car went by (which was often) they would flap off in a tizzy. One landed across the street and then tried to walk back across the road.

All of this was very entertaining for the boys and I. Just a little slice of “Wild Kingdom” in our front yard.


September 17, 2010. family.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    Paul swears he wants to be reincarnated as a turkey vulture. “There’s always something to eat,” says my pragmatic husband. I keep this in mind when he compliments my cooking.

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