Dangers of Potty Training

We are done potty training (hooray), but that does not mean we are out of the woods.

In David’s defense, Matthew told him to. And why did Matthew tell him to?

Because Matthew did it three times himself. THREE! The first time, we chalked it up to experimentation. The second time we laughed and figured he had forgotten. The third time we started to wonder if falling on his head had jarred something loose.

David was not amused by his predicament. Thankfully, Daddy was able to get the potty seat off without much trouble.

Only time will tell if David learns this lesson faster than his older brother.


September 21, 2010. David, Mommy.

One Comment

  1. EEyler replied:

    Perhaps Matthew is a budding scientist–three trials for everything, right? There’s a story of a professor in my department who accidentally drove over his laptop three times before he got out of the car to check exactly what it was that was crunching under his wheels–so at least he would be in good company 😉

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