3:30 AM

David has been sick, flat-out sick, since Thursday. He has a fever and a runny nose.  He doesn’t want to do much. Or eat much.

We are well versed in illness. We plumped up the couch pillows and settled down for the duration.

David did not feel well at bedtime last night.

David woke up at 3:30 AM. He would not go back to sleep.




Steven finally took him at 5:30 am so I could get an hour of sleep before (I know he can’t help it, but why is it always this way?) he leaves on a business trip.

David did not fall asleep this morning. He did not want to take his nap. I figured he had to be tired, because I was absolutely exhausted.

He is sleeping now. In my bed. And he snores.

I’m not letting him sleep much longer. I sincerely hope 3 AM comes and goes without me noticing tonight.


September 27, 2010. David.


  1. Christina Huang replied:

    Poor Mommy and David. Hanging in there. I wish that David would feel better soon and we can all get together this Saturday and enjoy Hershey Park.

  2. libbie replied:

    Oh Elizabeth…I am so sorry.

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