No Bad Guys Allowed

At school, they have a “stop” sign on the bathroom door. Matthew thought that was pretty cool. He wanted to make one for our house.

So we did.

We glued green and red paper together and Matthew wrote the “stop” and “go” on the correct sides. But then we had to find a place to hang it. The bathroom door didn’t work too well, so Matthew put it on the fridge.

And then had an idea.

He hung it on the fridge, “stop” sign out. He explained that if Bad Guys broke into the house, they would see the stop sign and would leave the fridge alone.

I don’t know why he thinks Bad Guys are going to break in, but it makes me laugh that he a) thinks they will respect the stop sign and b) wants to protect the contents of the fridge and not, say, the TV.


September 29, 2010. Matthew.

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