Kindergarten Halloween Parade

The kindergarten classes got to have a Halloween parade on Friday. Matthew wore his Iron Man costume to school, mask and all.


Ms. Pleasant led the way.

Lindsey was the line leader.

A wave from my favorite Iron Man (there were two).

Mrs. Eleasessor was a tree. She even had fake birds on her shoulders.


The parade lasted an hour. I think they walked into ever single room in the school. Afterwards, we had the Halloween party. The moms were a little concerned that the kids wouldn’t have any energy left for a party, but we were proven wrong.

Those kids could TOTALLY party.


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Check Mate!

The other night the boys wanted to play chess.

While I’m all for this activity, I don’t know how to play myself. And since Steven was working late, the boys were left to their own devices.

You can just imagine how that game went. “No, David. You can only move that piece 15 spots in the shape of a W.”

On the other hand, they played together nicely for a whole, I dunno, five minutes? So I count it as a successful game.

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Trunk Or Treat #2

Our mom’s group had their annual trunk-or-treat event this weekend. ¬†For Matthew’s group of buddies, this was the year of the super hero.

Hi Spider Man, it's me! Spider Man!

We are the cutest crime fighters ever!

C'mon, show the peeps your big muscles.

The mean witch did not stand a chance against Spider Man, Wolverine, and TWO Iron men.

David, James, Matthew, Owen, Brice, and Devon

Iron men Brice and Devon, with their sister Bat Girl Delaney

Refueling after an afternoon of chasing "bad guys" and keeping the world safe.

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Train Watching

One of our favorite activities remains meeting Grandpa at the train. We got in one last train outing before it gets too dark in the evenings.

We got there early enough to see the “surprise” train (VRE trains run one way – from DC to Manassas, after the run, they come straight back without stopping… or blowing their horns to warn unsuspecting small children of their 60 mph approach).

Then there was time for playing in the shelters.

The boys tried out a new train-spotting pose.

Finally the train arrived!

Woo hoo! We picked up Grandpa and headed to our favorite post-train-restaurant, Alladin’s.

We’ll switch the clocks back in a week and then we’ll have to wait until spring to go train spotting again.

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Pumpkin Patch Playground

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch playground at Burke Nursery Garden center with Nana. The boys had a ton of fun running around and playing. Take a look.

Sliding down the monster truck slide.

Driving the monster truck.

Driving the train.

David liked it, too, but wouldn't sit still long enough for many pictures.

"Stuck" in jail, yelling, "Let me out!"

Big slide, carpet optional.

Brothers on the big slide.

Racing on the horses, yee haw!

Posing with our pumpkins (some of us were too tired to smile.)

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Puppy Takes a Bath

Puppy is David’s much-loved lovey. Puppy was starting to look a little rough around the edges. His ears were downright filthy.

Puppy needed a bath. Friday morning seemed like a good time, until we headed to the car for grocery shopping. David wanted to bring puppy. “Puppy is having a bath,” I told him.

David checked the bath tub. No puppy. “In the washing machine,” I told him.

It was a sad moment.

A very sad moment.

A very very sad moment.

Auxiliary puppy was offered and rejected. “No! Want regular puppy!” Grocery shopping was a little rocky, but we made it through.

And after a brief rest (with auxiliary puppy, who was OK once David was tired enough) Puppy was clean and dried and ready for action.




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Soccer Team

Matthew’s soccer team (the Dark Green Team) got together last weekend for a group picture. (Matthew is front row, center)

They also took the obligatory “goofy face” shot.

Then Matthew got ahold of the camera. He took a picture of his coaches, Miss Tracy and Coach Brown, and the assistant game-day coach, Daddy.

And then, because he just had to, he took a picture of his shadow.

He’s having fun.

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Ghosts! Oh My!

We did an easy Halloween craft this week. It involved glue and marshmallows and kept the boys from calling each other names for almost 30 entire minutes.

Now we have the scariest fridge on the block.

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Cooking Pumpkins

Last week’s box of vegetables from the farm included a pumpkin.

An actual real pumpkin. We have never cooked a real pumpkin before, but we felt up to the task.

The boys insisted on drawing faces on it before we cooked it.

Matthew drew a person.

David did some drawing, then he asked Mommy to draw a face.

Grandma got to draw a face, too.

Ta da!


Then we cut it, seeded it,

roasted it in the oven,

peeled it, pureed it, and turned it into a yummy pumpkin dessert.

Which we ate.



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Trunk or Treat

We had a great time at Good Shepherd’s first Trunk or Treat this weekend. The weather was great and the boys had a blast.

David is showing off his massive Spider Man muscles. He is very proud of his muscles.

Luke and his family were parked right across from us.

The kids enjoyed walking up and down the rows of trunks gathering yummy treats.

There were hot dogs, crafts, and a moon bounce, too.

There was even another Super Man.

They got some good candy, too. Not that I plan on sneaking any, mind you.

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