Hershey Park

We had a lot of fun at Hershey Park. I didn’t take pictures of every ride (you’re welcome), but here are a few shots of us during the day.


In line for the space plane ride.

Yeye rode with Matthew

David rode with Daddy.

David and Grand Yau yau rode around in the big trucks,

while Matthew and Daddy rode this crazy, sideways ferris wheel in the sky.

We all rode the cars. Twice. Here is David driving Daddy.

Matthew and David enjoyed the mini carousel.

David eventually got to ride the big carousel. It was his favorite (but you can't tell here because we are both looking the wrong way.)


Matthew loves rides. Loves them. I went on one roller coaster (I do not love them) and sat behind him. I held on for dear life and braced my feet in front of me. I could not wait to get off. Matthew rode the whole time with his hands in the air yelling, “WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

He can’t wait to go back next year.


October 7, 2010. family, trips.

One Comment

  1. libbie replied:

    One year. before Molly was born, we took the boys on a roller coaster vacation. One of the best vacas we ever had! We hopped from place to place…just to ride the biggest and best coasters. Went to Ohio to ride the worlds largest and fastest (at the time) metal coaster, went to Pittsburg to ride the worlds largest wooden coaster, went to VA to ride the “Anaconda” at King’s Dominion. I have to say, we had a grand time. Send Matthew up here. We’ll take him on lots and lots of coasters 🙂

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