Puppy Takes a Bath

Puppy is David’s much-loved lovey. Puppy was starting to look a little rough around the edges. His ears were downright filthy.

Puppy needed a bath. Friday morning seemed like a good time, until we headed to the car for grocery shopping. David wanted to bring puppy. “Puppy is having a bath,” I told him.

David checked the bath tub. No puppy. “In the washing machine,” I told him.

It was a sad moment.

A very sad moment.

A very very sad moment.

Auxiliary puppy was offered and rejected. “No! Want regular puppy!” Grocery shopping was a little rocky, but we made it through.

And after a brief rest (with auxiliary puppy, who was OK once David was tired enough) Puppy was clean and dried and ready for action.





October 24, 2010. David.

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