More Fun in Leaves

While Mommy and Matthew were almost watching a movie, Daddy, David, and Luke were having some fun outside.

There was some raking.

some hiding in the leaves,

some more raking,

and some more hiding in the leaves.

And then there was some playtime in the sand box, some lunch, and some very solid naps.

Good times.

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The new Disney movie, “Tangled,” came out this week. I thought Matthew might enjoy it. I read a few reviews, all of which said it wasn’t really scary, nothing bad really happens, and boys will enjoy it. So we met up with Cherise, Phillip, and Zoe and headed to the movies after church. Daddy took David and Luke (who is 2) home for a play date.

The movie is in 3D. We rocked our glasses.

At least, until the movie started. Then Matthew took his glasses off, climbed into my lap, buried his head in my shoulder and begged to go home. I jollied him through about an hour, but when he started asking how many more minutes he had to stay before I took him home I gave it up as a lost cause.

We sat in the lobby and waited or our friends to finish watching, and then we all went out for lunch.

At bedtime, Matthew made me promise I would never make him see “Tangled” again. And then he made me promise I would never make him see “Tangled 2” or “Tangled 3” or “Tangled 4.”

Got it. No more movies with witches.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until it come out on DVD to see how it ends.

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Kindergarten Friendship Feast

In honor of Thanksgiving, the kindergarteners had a Friendship Feast. The two classes brought in various parts of their meal and dressed in festive garb. Matthew’s class came as pilgrims, the Busy Bee class came as Native Americans. They had a lot of fun eating their plentiful (and very healthy) snack together.

Still working on handwriting....

The spread - cheese, veggies, fruit, muffins, and popcorn.

Here they come, two by two.

Pilgrim Matthew enjoying his muffin.

No doubt, discussing the importance of crop rotation with his Native American seat mate.

Kindergarten group shot.

Cutest. Pilgrim. Ever.

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Matthew got out his own snack recently.

Now, I don’t really have any issues with these items individually. Even the chips don’t worry me too much. But all of this? At once? After lunch?

I told Matthew I thought he had an empty leg. And then I had to explain the expression.

“But Mommy, food goes in your stomach, not your leg.”

Needless to say, only a small helping of the above food made it into his snack bowl. And, as he so rightly pointed out, none of it went to his leg.

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Boys and Their Toys

On one recent morning, two of the boys in our house relaxed on the couch with their favorite toys.

A turtle who does karate and a computer.

C’mon, you know you want to join ’em.

November 23, 2010. Daddy, David. 1 comment.

It’s a Wonderfully Busy Life

We’ve been busy. A case in point – I started this blog 3 hours ago and just now got to sentence #2. And I have to hurry because David will be up soon and then we have to head to school and pick up the crock pot.

I wish I could say I was too busy to blog because I was re-painting the whole house, or refinishing some family antiques, or cooking wonderful meals while organizing the whole home. But this would be a lie.

We are just… busy. I’ll get some blogs done this weekend. I have managed to take a few pictures of the kids in between loads of laundry and sink fulls of dishes.



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A Boost Up

Matthew started complaining this summer that he wasn’t able to sleep in his car seat. When I looked back at him I could tell he was getting too tall for it.

This broke my heart. There is a level of safety in the car seat that you lose in the booster. But kids don’t stay little forever, and the complaining from the backseat was getting a little annoying.

The new booster seat came this week.


Helping Daddy put the parts together.

"Helping" Daddy with the tools.

Trying out the new booster.

David tried it out, too. He insists he is FIVE and needs a booster, too.



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Number Cookies

Another fun “let’s practice writing” activity was number cookies. Matthew helped roll out the dough, shape the numbers, and put the cookies in the oven. He helped with the eating, too.

Matthew, predictably, ate the #5 cookie. David, showing a business acumen of which his aunt Susie would approve, ate the #10. Two cookies, one number.

Even if Matthew’s handwriting is the worst in his class, at least we have had delicious fun practicing it.



November 13, 2010. Matthew, Mommy. 2 comments.

Catalog Shopping

It’s the holiday season and this means TONS of catalog filled with toys are descending on our mailbox.

The boys could not be happier. Catalog perusing has become a daily activity.


"I want this one, and this one, and this one..."



and this one, and this one....



and this one, and THIS one TOO!"


Poor Santa is going to have a hard time figuring out which item to put in his sleigh.

November 12, 2010. David. 1 comment.

I spy

We are trying some fun ways to practice writing every day at home. One of our projects this week was a modified “I spy” game. Matthew went around the house with my pre-made sheet spying items around the house. Then we wrote them down together using his ABC chart.

Guess what he spied in the kitchen?

He did a pretty job sounding it out, too, especially when you consider the silent “gh.”

It was fun.  He especially enjoyed gluing eyes all around the outside of the page.

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