Trick or Treating

Sunday was Halloween and we were ready for some serious trick-or-treating.

It was on the cool side, so the boys wore their clothes under their costumes. I wore as many layers as I could justify. Steven’s costume included rubber waiters, so he was perfectly comfortable.

I thought I would be all kinds of helpful and bring an extra bag so we could dump the pumpkin buckets when they got too heavy. I could not convince either child that this was a good idea. Matthew cheerfully dumped his pumpkin, then insisted on carrying the bag. When I tried to pull out a few handfuls of David’s candy to lighten his load, he burst into tears.

The only bad moment trick or treating came when we had been out for over an hour. We went down a court and saw an elaborate grave yard set up with a grim reaper, a tent, and spooky music. David, wisely, gave this place a wide berth. “Mommy, I don’t like the spooky house.” he said. I was kind of with him on that one.

But Matthew was brave. He wanted to go over, and although he was nervous, he went into the tent. Where they promptly scared the crap out of him. He came out, still clutching Steven’s hand, white as a sheet. “Daddy, I don’t ever want to go back there again, okay?” We promised we’d never go back, but he was done after that and we headed home.

We managed to get a sizable amount of candy, which the boys have been enjoying after lunch and dinner. Daddy and I have been enjoying it, too. It’s just going to be sad when one of the gets old enough and wise enough to tally the stuff up.


November 3, 2010. family, holidays.

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