A New Morning Plan

We have made many adjustments since school started. Mostly, we have had to learn how to get to the bus stop on time. But we have also had to learn how to do homework with Mommy, the importance of checking every single pocket in the backpack, and which cups will or will not leak all over the snack bag.

Last week it became clear that our morning routine needed a change. Either that, or I needed to add whiskey to my morning tea. While that would have made me happier, I don’t think it ultimately would have made things better. At least, not without making other things worse.

So we have a new plan. 1. No TV in the morning. We did this last year, too, and then we back-slid. It is just too distracting. 2. Choose school clothes the night before, which will hopefully cut down on the number of times Matthew comes downstairs at the stroke of 8:30 (when we HAVE TO LEAVE) dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in 35* weather. 3. Don’t get up from the table until you are done eating. Matthew added #4 – Mommy or Daddy sits at the table for breakfast, too. He was really missing Daddy last week.

Like all good plans, this one went straight down the toilet on day#2. I forgot to pick out clothes last night. I forgot we had a “decorate your thankful feather” project due today. The boys argued all the way through breakfast, which took forever because they couldn’t stop arguing long enough to eat anything.

Thankfully, we DID get the feather done (Oh, how I hope the glue was dry enough!). I sent Matthew to the dining room to eat, so they at least got half a breakfast down. And although he picked out shorts and a t-shirt again (it’s 40* this morning) I was upstairs when he did it and could guide him to a more appropriate choice long before we had to leave.

We made it out the door by 8:30 with a minimum of yelling and no crying. This is a big improvement over last week.

And the whiskey bottle remains safely tucked at the back of the pantry.

For now.


November 8, 2010. Matthew, Mommy, the boys.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    On the subject of morning routines, I could advise and pontificate and be a blow-hard; any mother could. Here’s what I’m going to do instead: Tell you I love you and that you are doing great. Also, no one, not any one of us who reads this blog will tell Any One In Charge, if the whiskey bottle should slide to the front of the pantry.

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    As much as I joke about the drinkin’ I’m pretty circumspect about alcohol. And since it’s bad for my tummy, I’m especially good these days.
    The part of the story I left out was that I fed David a mini can of pringles in the car before we ran out before he finished his breakfast.
    Things have been better this week, cuz really, could they get much worse?

  3. Shelley replied:

    I think the No TV in the morning is a very good thing! We had to start that mid-year last year and I stuck with it all summer with going to camps and everything… it was so distracting and caused such a fuss when it was time to turn it off, etc. Mornings will always be a mad dash, but having the kids out the door is a nice break:)

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