Number Cookies

Another fun “let’s practice writing” activity was number cookies. Matthew helped roll out the dough, shape the numbers, and put the cookies in the oven. He helped with the eating, too.

Matthew, predictably, ate the #5 cookie. David, showing a business acumen of which his aunt Susie would approve, ate the #10. Two cookies, one number.

Even if Matthew’s handwriting is the worst in his class, at least we have had delicious fun practicing it.




November 13, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.


  1. Kelly replied:

    Is it really the worst? Those numbers are beautiful. Handwriting is an effort at our house too these days. They teach the D’Nealian script here. It’s slanted and curvy. Tricky for Avery’s hand. We’ve been playing with pudding in a large ziploc. You can write and erase and write and erase and then at the end snip the corner and eat your media.

  2. libbie replied:

    Hey…he comes by the “poor penmanship” honestly at least. It’s a tradition in this part of the “Adams” family. Four kids…two officially labeled “disgraphic”, and two with just….lousy hand writing. Who needs it anyway with all the computer technology we have? So there.

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