The new Disney movie, “Tangled,” came out this week. I thought Matthew might enjoy it. I read a few reviews, all of which said it wasn’t really scary, nothing bad really happens, and boys will enjoy it. So we met up with Cherise, Phillip, and Zoe and headed to the movies after church. Daddy took David and Luke (who is 2) home for a play date.

The movie is in 3D. We rocked our glasses.

At least, until the movie started. Then Matthew took his glasses off, climbed into my lap, buried his head in my shoulder and begged to go home. I jollied him through about an hour, but when he started asking how many more minutes he had to stay before I took him home I gave it up as a lost cause.

We sat in the lobby and waited or our friends to finish watching, and then we all went out for lunch.

At bedtime, Matthew made me promise I would never make him see “Tangled” again. And then he made me promise I would never make him see “Tangled 2” or “Tangled 3” or “Tangled 4.”

Got it. No more movies with witches.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until it come out on DVD to see how it ends.


November 29, 2010. Matthew, Mommy.

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