The boys like toast. Recently, they decided to make it themselves (with appropriate adult supervision).


Selecting the bread.

Carefully placing bread in the toaster oven.

Waiting patiently while the toaster oven does its thing.

Tada! Toast!

Monkey see, monkey do.

Tada! Breakfast is ready!

Gotta’ love those self-help skills. Now if only they could be trusted to pour their own juice maybe I could sleep in on the weekends.


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Lucky Ladybug

A few weeks ago, we hosted Matthew’s class pet, Lucky Ladybug. Lucky comes home the weekend after a student is Star of the Week and includes a journal in which the student (and his hapless mother) record the myriad ways Lucky spends his weekend.

Oh, the pressure.

Clearly this journal gets read aloud to the class, because Matthew had very specific directions of what we needed to do. Here are a few of the pictures Matthew asked me to take of him with Lucky.


Lucky helped Matthew make a sticker gingerbread house.

And decorate the tree.

And goof around.

And play wii, while re-decorating the tree.

Lucky also kept Matthew company while he whiled away the hours on the couch, too sick with a fever to play.


Matthew really enjoyed having Lucky around for the weekend, but after spending the weekend snuggled up next to Matthew’s feverish self, Lucky needed a bath. I tossed him in the washing machine and sent an apology to the teachers.

And then I printed out a bunch of photos for the journal.

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Christmas Morning

Since the boys were up late the night before, they slept in on Christmas morning. Matthew woke up first and sneaked down to the family room. He wanted to make sure Santa had really come.

He had! And he brought pillow pets! When David finally joined us, the boys got down to opening their gifts, pawing through their stockings, and playing with their new toys.


Trying out the pillow pets.

Getting ready to play for Ladybug and Snowflake the Pony.

Singing a tune for Frog.

The Pillow Pet Band is ready for their first gig.


We were glad the kids enjoyed their instruments so much. It gave us time to put together the play sets that came with millions of tiny parts, each one requiring a tiny decal to be placed juuuuuuust so.

Not that I’m complaining. It was a lovely morning.

And we had coffee to get us through.

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Christmas Eve

We got home from church on Christmas Eve to find a surprise under the tree РChristmas pajamas under the tree! We had dinner with Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Susie and Uncle Clem, and then the boys got to open a few presents.

Aunt Susie gave both boys light wands. They were a big hit.

David got a "tar" of his very own.

He may need a few more lessons.

Nana helped Matthew investigate his new synthesizer.

The boys were up way too late, but they were in pretty good spirits and they slept well. Santa was very grateful.

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Merry Christmas

At the Fairfax City Band concert with Santa


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Family Photo

Here’s one that didn’t make the family card this year.

Actually, it’s a pretty good representation of us. I bet our friends would have enjoyed it, too.

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David was sick on Sunday and Monday. He spent the day on the couch.

An hour after Matthew came home from school on Wednesday, he was sick. He spent most of yesterday on the couch.

Daddy managed to only be sick for the 12 hours (or so) that he slept on Monday night. Mommy (knock wood) has not been sick at all.

When the boys are a little older, we are taking that couch into the back yard and lighting it on fire.

December 23, 2010. David, family, Matthew. 1 comment.

Sick Again?

The stomach bug has hit our house

And I am starting to freak out.

I’ve got the grocery shopping to do,

Plus buying one last gift, or two.

But now I am all full of dread

That this disease will likely spread.

I hate to say, the odds are scary

For keeping Christmas very merry.

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David’s Christmas Program

David’s pre-school had their Christmas program last Sunday. David was home sick from school the whole week, so we weren’t sure how he would do.

He was fine, but he faced backwards the entire time.

Steven stood in the choir loft to get pictures. Some of them are blurry because of the distance, but he had a better view that I did from the third row.


Greeting a school friend.

Checking out the action on the alter, where the baby(doll) Jesus lay.

A rare moment facing forward.

Completely turned around, but still singing. We could see him doing all the right motions, just in the wrong direction.

David was very proud of himself. He clapped after every song. He smiled the whole time. He was in a great mood afterwards. I wish I could have seen him sing, but mostly I’m just glad he had fun.


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Gingerbread Houses

On Friday, we had our special gingerbread house making day in Kindergarten. Twenty-five five-year olds with frosting and candy. What could go wrong?


The teachers in their festive attire

Matthew's candy house.

Smarties roof. Good, safe, construction material.

Font view - M&M walkway, green pool, and windows (those egg-looking things).

When I stepped away, Matthew passed the camera to his friends. This pic is by Margaret.

This pic is by Tanner. Matthew wanted to do a "straight mouth."


It was a great day. The kindergarten team had a bunch of other teachers and staff on hand so every single child had an adult to help. We all mushed into the tiny chairs and tried to encourage the candy to go onto the house instead of into the mouth.

Matthew and I had a great time together. He ate the pool after dinner for his dessert.

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