Abandonment Issues

One of the big issues with the storm last week was that people got stuck (or ran out of gas) on the drive home and abandoned their cars. The cars strewn around the roads on the news looked like my living room floor at the end of a long day.

Utter chaos.

On Friday, we went to the dentist and the grocery store. On the way out, the cart got stuck on a patch of slushy ice in the road. Showing that he is a true child of Northern Virginia, Matthew said,

“Oh, well. We’ll have to abandon it.”

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Oh, deer!

We moved play group to the morning on Wednesday because the forecasters had predicted A Lot Of Snow And Ice (and for once, they were right). Schools were cancelled just in case, so everyone was home. While the boys were running around burning off some energy, we saw a deer in the yard next door.

The boys were instantly fascinated.

They weren’t even this still when we had snack.

That deer was no fool. By 2:30 pm it was sleeting and by 4 pm it was snowing heavily. I hope he (she?) found a nice spot to snuggle down.

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Snow Day!

So, Daddy stayed home on Thursday, having stayed at work until midnight the night before. We were ecstatic. Our friends came over to play, as well.

Five boys (one is only 2 months old, but still….) and one Daddy equaled two hours of sledding, snow ball fights, and a pretty fabulous snow man, followed by some Wii fishing, and a game of hide-and-seek in the basement.

Take a look.

Testing the snow to see if it makes good snowballs

Contemplating snow angels.

Snowmen need hats.

Wii fish!

Building a tower to hide behind

"Daddy will never find me here."

David sang Dylan "The Wheels on the Bus." The snakes on the bus went "hiss, hiss, hiss."

The completed snowman.

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Family Snow Day

Daddy stayed home on Thursday. We had a great snow day together.

PS – We took this picture after dinner. Earlier in the day, David was wearing a coat. And shoes. And Matthew was wearing actual pants.

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We got snow yesterday afternoon. Actually, first we got rain, then we got sleet, then it thundered (true story!) and THEN we got snow.

And boy, did we get some snow.

We peeked out the door at dinner time and took some pictures.

Snow! Woo hoo!

I bet there’s no school tomorrow! That means we can go sledding!

Matthew took this picture. I love how you can see the flakes falling.

The snow proved to be a real problem. Because we got sleet and then lots of snow very fast, traffic was snarled for hours. Gridlock on major roads was common and I heard from friends that it took 4 hours to get a mile or two home from the grocery store. Steven didn’t even bother trying to leave because he could see that no one could even leave the parking lot. He tried going to a nearby hotel for dinner at 7 pm. It took two hours to go a mile and they had no food. He got home around 12:30 pm.

I believe he is taking a snow day.


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New Shelves

While our favorite college sitter was home for vacation, I tackled an organizational project in the family room.

Danielle had put together several sets of these shelves already for a friend, so she offered to put together ours, too. Matthew, or course, was a BIG help.

We put the white shelves where we used to have a wooden shelf unit with small toy bins, which we had outgrown.

He certainly is a cheerful worker.

He declared the top shelf “not that comfortable.”

The shelves aren’t exactly fancy, but they serve their purpose for containing our plastic bins of toys.


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Pajama Day

Friday was Pajama Day in kindergarten.

The kids were so excited to go to school in their pajamas. The teachers played along, too.

Matthew worked on his handwriting a little bit with his teacher. He loves her.

We had four different activities for Pajama Day. I helped the kids make a “10 in the Bed” craft with a patterned quilt, nine popsicle stick friends, and one little stick who yells, “Roll over!”

After centers, the kids had a snack of cookies and hot cocoa.

Every day should be pajama day.

January 22, 2011. Matthew, school. 2 comments.

A Look at the Nook

Nana and Grandpa got Nooks for Christmas. Nana’s is the fancy one with color and a “read-aloud” option. The boys have been enjoying “reading” books on Nana’s Nook.

They like turning the pages, too.

Fleur doesn’t mind the Nook, but I think she’s a little irritated that I interrupted her pre-bedtime nap with my flash photography. Also, they read a book about dogs, which is not really her favorite genre.

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Look What’s Missing

Matthew lost his first tooth yesterday.

He was very nervous about losing a tooth, afraid it would hurt, but once it came out he was very excited. We called all the grandparents and made a big fuss. I told him to be sure to show his teachers.

In the car that afternoon I asked what he thought the Tooth Fairy might leave.

“Maybe a hundred-dollar bill,” he said. And he was serious.

I laughed so hard I nearly crashed the car.

The Tooth Fairy came last night and left a $1 coin. Matthew thought it was pretty cool and tucked it into his piggy bank until he can think of how he wants to spend it.

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David has been staying up too late. Matthew goes to bed at 7:30, but sometimes David is still up at 9:30.

We decided to keep David up during nap time because we thought he just didn’t need a nap anymore.

We thought wrong.

January 19, 2011. David. 1 comment.

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