Our 11 Favorite Events from 2010

1. Shoveling 30 in. of snow with two cheerful helpers, and raking huge piles of leaves for the boys (big and small) to jump in.

2. David learning to use the potty. All the time. By himself.

3. Both boys catching their first fish. Matthew went on to catch…. a lot. We lost track after a while.

4. Improving our house in a few key ways – putting on a screened-in porch, organizing the toys in the basement, and patching some holes where mice were coming in.

5. Steven having a successful, if extended, test campaign this summer, and getting promoted to the director level at work.

6. Enjoying a week of sun, sand, and splashing in the pool at the beach.

7. Matthew heading off to Kindergarten and graduating to a booster seat in the car.

8. David discovering that there would not be any real bears in the Bears Class at pre-school. This was a huge relief for him.

9. Sharing our family  Thanksgiving with a family from church. It was as much fun for the adults as the kids.

10. Playing wii together, and finding out that Mommy is still the best bowler in the family.

11.  Christmas morning, with two boys who understood the magic of Santa and the joy of celebrating as a family (at the very reasonable hour of 7:30 am).

And our single favorite non-event of 2010? Not one single trip to the ER all year. A first in five years. We are so proud of ourselves (and we aren’t going to mention the 8 pm run to the after-hours clinic for a rapid strep test. Totally doesn’t count.)


January 1, 2011. family, special occasions.

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