Welcome, 2011!

We celebrated the ending of 2010 and the dawning of 2011 with our traditional Breakfast for Dinner feast. The boys helped make the pancakes.

David was very serious about stirring.

Matthew proudly wore the art apron David gave him for Christmas.

After our pancakes and bacon, I asked Matthew what he hopes for in 2011.

“I hope that food will fall from the sky,” he told us.

I nearly spit out my orange juice I laughed so hard.

Daddy’s hope for 2011 “Getting to work on something more interesting than I am right now.”

David’s hope is “to see Santa” Some of us appear a little stuck on Christmas.

And Mommy’s hope for 2011? “That everyone stays healthy.”

Daddy laughed and said that was pretty unlikely, but I’d be happy if we maybe just reduced the number of viral infections we get. But if the worst thing we deal with this year is a few rounds of tummy bug, I’ll take it. It could be worse.

It could be better, but it could be worse.

May 2011 bring you, if not food falling from the sky, at least happiness, friendship, and love.


January 2, 2011. Daddy, David, Matthew, Mommy.

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