I always enjoy a good Epiphany celebration, but we kind of skipped it this year. Our favorite college (now grad-school) sitter is still home, so I took advantage of her availability and cleaned.

And cleaned.

And cleaned.

You’d think the house would look great, but somehow this is never the case. I can tell the difference, but I’m probably the only one. I got all the Christmas decorations taken down, packed away, and tucked on the shelves in the basement. I sorted through the books in the kid’s rooms and culled our collection considerably. I cleaned under the coffee tables. I put new toys in new bins. I cleaned out our receipt envelope and set it up for 2011.

It’s been good, but there is still an awful lot to do.

Especially since there are two small tornadoes who come along behind me in the late afternoon and undo at least 20% of my day’s work.

My friend Karen insists her house will get clean when the kids are all in school full day. I’d like to believe her, but I have my doubts….


January 7, 2011. family, holidays, Mommy.

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