Super Bowl Dessert

I made my annual super bowl dessert last night in honor of the Pittsburg Steelers v. Green Bay Packers game. I would like to thank the participating teams for having one color in common, which made decorating the cookies so much easier.

David and Daddy ate Giant’s cookies. Matthew and I chose the Steelers. If it had been a bet, I would have owed Steven a dollar.

Which is why I stick with cookies.

PS – Matthew was actually rooting for the Redskins, who were not playing.



February 7, 2011. Mommy, special occasions.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    Giants? Oh, G for Green Bay, but out of loyalty to Paul, Suzanne and Sam– who are still upset that the Packers beat their Bears– you went with Giants. Thanks!

    FYI: Mom owes Paul a dollar. Thanks, Mom! (She chose Steelers out of loyalty to Phil, but Phil is an Eagles fan who loathes the Steelers. So there you go. Can we bet on figure skating? Ballet?)

  2. Carlin replied:

    Scott pointed out that the Redskins also share a colour in common with both teams. Go Matthew for loyalty!

  3. Susie replied:

    Good for Matthew. I was rooting for the Redskins as well.

  4. boysgonewild replied:

    The Packers have a big “G” on the helmet, so I went with a G on the cookie. In glitter green frosting.

    Carlin – hadn’t even THOUGHT of that. If I had some red M&Ms I could have done a Redskins cookie.

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