Flowers and Ice Pops

We had a pretty typical Valentine’s day. Steven left for a week-long trip, Matthew campaigned for a heart-shaped lollipop for breakfast, and David threw up so much we had to go to the doctor’s office.

Other people celebrate with dinner out and chocolates, but we are not other people.

I did get flowers. They came before all the fun started.

We knew David wasn’t well when he came downstairs because he climbed up in Grandma’s lap and fell back asleep. Never a good sign.

When he had thrown up for the eighth time in three hours I called the doctor. We went in and they determined it was just a virus, but we had to hang out for a while to see if he could keep down some fluids.

Fun fact – ice pops are less irritating to an upset stomach because the amount of liquid you take in is so small for the amount of time it takes to suck one down.

David came home in the afternoon, threw up a few more times, and slept like a rock.

He’s all better now. No one else (knock wood!) has gotten sick, the flowers are still pretty, and Steven comes home later tonight.

Just another week in our happy home.

PS – Grandma came to help out for the week. God bless her, she never complained, but I felt pretty bad about all the barf to which she was subjected on Monday. I’m not sure the wine and chocolates we had for her could really compensate.




February 17, 2011. David, family, holidays.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    Grandmas are the best. Nothing fazes ’em.

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