Fridge Cleaning, The Hard Way

Monday: Power goes out. Power goes on. Cheer the return of power!

Tuesday: Get milk from downstairs fridge. Notice light is out. Put “change fridge bulb” on mental to-do list. Completely forget about light bulb.

Wednesday: Go to mom’s group. Pick up David from school. Get Matthew from bus. Make lunch. Make dinner. Break up arguments. Forget about fridge.

Thursday: Go to bible study. Pick up David from school. Get Matthew from bus. Make lunch. Break up arguments. Go to gym.

Thursday evening: Start dinner. Throw empty milk carton  in trash. Go downstairs to get more milk. Open fridge. Notice light is still not working. Notice puddle of water underfoot. Notice carton of milk is warm. Check fuse box. See that fuse has been tripped. Re-set fridge. Curse quietly while dumping contents of fridge and freezer into trash bag. Spread paper towels on floor to mop up puddles. Finish dinner. Pour glass of wine. Send arguing children to bed early. Take a moment to be very thankful that the wine is not kept in the downstairs fridge.


March 4, 2011. Mommy.


  1. Kelly replied:

    Where, oh, where is the breaker switch for the arguing children and meal-prep cycle?!?!?

  2. Christina Huang replied:

    My hat off to you!

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