Perhaps It was Dormant?

Matthew and David were playing an interesting mix of “house” and “pet shop” the other day. Matthew was the kitty. David was the Daddy. I overheard the following exchange.

Matthew: “Mew! Mew! Mew!”

David: “It’s OK kitty. It’s time to go to bed now.”

Matthew: “Mew! Mew!”

David: “Kitty, go night- nights”

Matthew: “Mew! Mew!”

David: “Kitty, do you hear something?”

Matthew” Mew! Mew!”

David: “It’s ok, kitty. Don’t worry. It’s just a volcano.”



March 18, 2011. David, Matthew.


  1. Christina Huang replied:

    Ah Ha! David’s vocabulary and understanding are quite intriguring.

  2. libbie replied:

    Don’t worry! I’m pretty sure that valcano is WAY out in Lurray….somewhere along that endless ball of twine leading through the caverns…at least I THINK I saw it there…somewhere.

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