Royal Wedding Watchers

Prince William and Katherine Middleton got married on Friday. Nana and I decided to have a little wedding celebratory TV watching party. We made scones, brewed wedding blend tea, sliced cucumbers for cucumber sandwiches, and settled in, at 5:30 am, to watch.

It was totally worth the early hour. Not only was the wedding beautiful, Mom and I got to talk about the other royal events she has watched, including the Queen’s wedding some 60 years ago.

Matthew straggled down a little after 6 am, Steven joined us around 6:30, and David came down just before 7 am. Matthew really enjoyed watching the wedding. Steven loved the music. David was over it pretty fast, but he sat there long enough for a Petite Four.

My commemorative mug, straight from London, thanks to Susie.

Matthew and Nana, looking pretty chipper for 6 am.

Gathered around enjoying the pageantry.

A hug and a petite four, what could be better?

Afterwards, Matthew wanted to know what kind of carriage I rode in on my wedding day. I explained it was the “Honda Accord” kind. Not as fancy, but far less horse poop.

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Matthew’s school hosted a jogathon the Friday before spring break to raise money for a mobile laptop lab. The kids got sponsors and then ran laps for 30 min. I got to go help the morning kindergarten classes, and I have to say, it was such fun. The kids were all excited. There was a DJ – a DJ! For a jogathon at school! They had older kids there to give high-fives, and ice pops when they were all done. Those kids ran their little hearts out.

Stretching out

And, they're off!

You can see the white lap cards pinned to their backs. The parent volunteers had to practically tackle the kids as they finished a lap to record a tally mark.

Getting some encouragement from the PE teacher.

Water break!

He was super proud of his 7 laps. I believe they call this a "runner's high."

The gang, posing with ice pops

High-fiving the 5th graders as they started their laps.

Walking with "hips and lips" the K sign for being quiet in the hallway and keeping your hands to yourself.

Matthew ran almost a mile and a half. He raised close to $100. Steven and I are very proud that he did his best. I think Matthew mostly liked getting an ice pop at school.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Our church held an Easter egg hunt this year. It was lots of fun. The younger kids had a hunt on the pre school playground. The big kids had their hunt on a patch of grass near the upper parking lot. Grandpa stayed with the non-hunting child so I could take some pictures.

David, hunting eggs.

He got quite a few.

Matthew "helped" check what was inside (tootsie rolls and smarties - yum!)

Matthew, heading the line for the big kid hunt.

Matthew, hunting eggs. Later, I had to lift him up over my head to reach eggs thoughtfully hidden up in the tree branches.

Another full basket!

There was lots of excitement, lots of eggs, and then – hooray! – a ham-and-potluck dinner.

After which we ate some smarties. And some tootsie rolls.

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30 + 2 =

… the number of fish the boys caught on our first day back from spring break.

I’m not even kidding. They caught at least 30 sun fish, a croppie, and a large mouth bass.

Two of the fish made it home (oh, joy!).

Once in a sink-ful of water, the croppie was pretty frisky.

The bass, not so much. He was "tired."

Fish Are Fascinating.

Matthew describes the blind snapping turtle he caught with a couple of big kids at the pond.

David does too, in his own way.

Steven was amazed by their fishing success. I guess they went at exactly the right time. And, lucky me!, we have more fresh fish to cook.

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Playin’ in the Pool

Our condo had an indoor pool. In the cloudy, rainy, cold weather, this was a life-saver. We went every day. The boys had tons of fun splashing and swimming and splashing some more. Matthew got to practice his new swim skills. David got to practice floating in the swim float “all by myself.”


We love the pool!

Lest you think Daddy did all the work while I sat around, allow me to point out that I took these pictures at the end of an hour in the water, right before we got the boys out to go home.

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Fishing at the Lake

We were staying right across the road from the lake. The boys took their fishing gear over one morning to see what they could catch.

Matthew, fishing next to the fake owl sitting near the dock.

Learning the tricks of the trade from Daddy.

The photographer has been spotted!

"Hey, Mommy! Look!"

Matthew, showing off his fishing lure in front of the sign for our condos.

They didn’t catch anything. It really wasn’t warm enough for the fish to be very active yet.

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F1-17 Stealth Pontoon

We rented a boat for a few hours one afternoon so we could ride around the lake.

They could not stay away from the little door. Made me a little crazy.

Matthew had a great time driving. He isn't very good, but it's a pretty big lake.

Mommy got to drive the boat, too.

Fishing off the boat.

Fishing off the boat.

Peering off the side.

Matthew took a picture of the view.

We had a good time, but 3 hours was plenty (we were out for 4.) We had some sun, but it was cool and breezy and the fish were not interested in our worms.  Thankfully, the boat ride itself was entertaining enough.

(And no one fell in, which was even better.)

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The Vacation Condo

We went to Deep Creek Lake for spring break. It poured down rain our whole drive there. The next morning, it snowed.

Woo hoo! Bring on the spring break vacation!

We did manage to have a good time, despite the weather. The condo had an air hockey table in the upstairs loft. The boys loved it. Loved. It.

Here are a few pictures from inside.

The view off the porch.

Two boys enjoying a wee bit of cable TV. Hey, it was their vacation, too.

David running in circles around Mathew, who was modeling the swim ring.

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We’re Back!

We’ve been on Spring Break this week. I’ll get the photos organized and posted over the next few days. It was good to get away, and it is good to be back.

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Fancy Dancing

Have shoes,

will Rock The House!



(I think the sunglasses really make the outfit, don’t you?)

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