Royal Wedding Watchers

Prince William and Katherine Middleton got married on Friday. Nana and I decided to have a little wedding celebratory TV watching party. We made scones, brewed wedding blend tea, sliced cucumbers for cucumber sandwiches, and settled in, at 5:30 am, to watch.

It was totally worth the early hour. Not only was the wedding beautiful, Mom and I got to talk about the other royal events she has watched, including the Queen’s wedding some 60 years ago.

Matthew straggled down a little after 6 am, Steven joined us around 6:30, and David came down just before 7 am. Matthew really enjoyed watching the wedding. Steven loved the music. David was over it pretty fast, but he sat there long enough for a Petite Four.

My commemorative mug, straight from London, thanks to Susie.

Matthew and Nana, looking pretty chipper for 6 am.

Gathered around enjoying the pageantry.

A hug and a petite four, what could be better?

Afterwards, Matthew wanted to know what kind of carriage I rode in on my wedding day. I explained it was the “Honda Accord” kind. Not as fancy, but far less horse poop.


April 30, 2011. family, special occasions, the boys.

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  1. whatsaysyou replied:

    Yesterday’s royal wedding is an event of 2011 we will be talking to our descendants many years from now. You must have had a great time watching it on the television like I did

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