David wanted to cook some eggs. He really wanted to cook these eggs,

but we explained there were hard-boiled and you couldn’t really cook with them. (Later, we found out I had not actually hard-boiled them. They were raw. Every. Last. One.)

Instead, we got out some regular eggs and Steven set up to teach David how to cook an Omelette. David chose a few things from the pantry to include in his special breakfast.

I’m not even kidding. He insisted he wanted veggie chips, marshmallow fluff, AND instant ice tea (decaf, no less.) Steven is a good dad. He put all three things in.

Yes, even the tea.

Matthew gamely offered to try a bite.

He declared it, “pretty good, but not so much.”

David tried a bite, then asked for something else. Steven, being an all-around good person, ate the whole thing. He said it tasted pretty good, too, but I think he has fried his taste buds with all the hot sauce he uses.


May 5, 2011. Daddy, David, Matthew.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    I ADORE STEVEN HUANG. I’m just sayin’, that’s a good dad. You might even say he’s a good egg…

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