Tan and Happy

We got back from the beach on Sunday and immediately geared up for a week of VBS. It will be a few days before I can sort through the pictures and post them.

Our vacation was lovely. The boys enjoyed the beach, the pool, and the various putt-putt courses they visited. They even tried sailing! And no one fell in!

It was actually pretty hard to leave…..


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Pre School Party

Not to be outdone by all the parties going on, David attended a birthday party for his pre school friend. Lindsey had her party at the Walker Nature Center. The kids had lunch, learned about being nature investigators, and took a walk around the nature trail.

Chicken nuggets and fruit. Yum-oh.

Eyes tightly closed, David uses his sense of touch to guess the contents of the mystery sock

Now using the sense of smell (it was a rose.)

Trying to identify the contents of containers by shaking them (the noise was truly impressive.)

Apparently, I was being too loud.

They searched for "animals that don't belong". David found a (toy) lion.

Making a wish.


David is going to miss his school friends this summer.

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Steven Turns 40 And Everyone Celebrates

We had a lovely party on Saturday for Steven’s 40th birthday. Friends and family gathered to eat, drink, and merrily sing “Happy Birthday.” Take a look.

Every party needs a banner

Steven - International Man Of Mystery (the poster left him speechless - with joy, I'm sure.)

The porch was all "decked" out.

Steven's cousin Shelley made up a few drink recipes, including this delicious summer sangria

Willard's BBQ catered - delish!

I told everyone to eat 5 or 6 sandwiches, but I don't think they listened.

The kids got to have their own party downstairs

We had lots of fun.

Lots and lots

of fun.

Steven asked for pie, so we stuck a "40" candle in the pecan pie and sang.

We couldn’t have asked for a better time.

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Pirate Party

Matthew had a pirate birthday party this year. (He asked for a Halloween party, but I didn’t think I could pull that off in June. Pirates had to do).

We had pirate hats, fancy bead necklaces, a few games, and a pirate ship cake.

When the kids got here, we colored pirate ship pictures.

I love this pictures of David.

“Pirate David, in pirate hat, eats pirate’s booty.”

We played a few games before pizza. There was “pin the patch on the pirate” followed by “swab the poop deck,” and then “musical  islands.”

I really didn’t get many pictures, because I was running the party. Having twelve kids over for games and food does not lend itself to capturing sweet moments with a camera.

The cake was served after the kids went for a treasure hunt.

Matthew loved it, especially the gummy sharks “swimming” around the ship.

The party was fun. At least, I think it was fun. The kids seemed to be having a good time. It was all kind of a blur, frankly.

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40 And Fabulous

Forty years ago the Nasdaq made its debut, the voting age in the United states was dropped to 18, Mount Etna erupted, Disney World opened in Florida, Apollo 14 landed on the moon, and on June 10, Steven was born.

He’s a great guy.

He’s really smart.

He’s good with kids,

and dogs,

He’s an excellent dancer.

He’s fabulous,

but you can’t have him,

cuz he’s ours.

And we’re keeping him.

Happy 40th birthday to the best guy we know.

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Leap Into Technology

We gave Matthew a Leapster Explorer for his birthday, and since we can’t give a computer game to one kid and not the other, we gave David a Mobigo.

The seem pretty happy with them.

Lucy can’t see what all the fuss is about.

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Six is the number of a half-dozen eggs.

Six is the number of insect legs.

Six is the smallest perfect number,

And also carbon’s atomic number.

Six is the sodas in a pack.

Six is the hours in first grade (ack!)

Six is a number that’s easy to spell.

And six is the age of a boy we love well.

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Certificate Day

David’s last day in the Bears class was last week. We were both sad to see it end. David has had a terrific first year in pre school. He loved his teachers, he loved seeing his friends, and he always came home tired.

Mrs. Thomas read a story to the kids while the parents assembled.

Each child came up one at a time to receive his certificate while Mrs. Thomas said a few kind words. David was described as “always happy and eager to play.”

Both teachers are retiring this year, so the parents gave them gift cards and certificates of appreciation from the kids.

And then it was time for the obligatory class picture.

Getting a bunch of 3 and 4-year-old kids to stand still, look in one direction, and smile is a herculean task.

Those teachers deserve every single gift card they got. Every. Single. One.

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Family Day Picnic

David’s school had their Family Day picnic a few weeks ago. It was hot and sunny.

And fun.

There were stations set up around the park. David liked the bubbles best, but he also played with the parachute.

Grandpa got to come along with us, too.

The kids had popsicles for a snack, which David enjoyed.

But what he loved, what he really really loved, was playing kickball.

He kicked! He ran! And ran! And ran….

…. and ran, for 45 minutes.

About half-way around the second time he turned to me and said, “Mommy! This is AWESOME!”

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Smelling the Roses

My rose bush did really well this spring. It might be all my loving care and coffee grounds, or it could be a fluke of the weather. Either way, we have enjoyed having beautiful roses to admire.

They smelled really good, too.

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