This summer’s Vacation Bible School theme was “Panda Mania” (except I kept calling it Pandemonium…. sorta’ Freudian of me.)

For the first time in SIX YEARS, both boys were old enough and well enough to go the whole week.

It was a VBS miracle.

I taught art for the younger crowd, so I got to see Matthew every day. I sneaked into David’s class a few times, too, just to see how he was doing.

The boys had a lot of fun. I took a few pictures at the closing ceremony (which occurred after a brief fire-alarm-related interlude) while they sang some favorite songs.





“He’s wild! He’s wild!”

“God is wild about us!”

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David and Lucy

Lucy joined our family back in June. David really enjoys spending time with her.

She is a very patient dog.

Most of the time.

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Fun at the Park

Matthew loves the playground across the street. He would go there just about every day if he could.

If only it weren’t on the opposite side of a busy street.

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Kite Flying Part 2

We took our kites out on the last night of our beach trip. You really only need two things to fly a kite – a kite and some wind.

We had one of those things,

but not the other.

The boys found another way to enjoy their kites.

Pretend hang gliding!

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?


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Eight is Great

We have been married for 8 years as of today. When I told the boys in the car this afternoon, David burst into tears. Not the response I expected.  (I think he was upset because we are going out for dinner and not bringing him, but still…)

Here are my 8 favorite things about being married to Steven:

1. Free tech service 24/7

2. He shares his popcorn at the movies

3. Excellent parenting partner, even in the middle of the night (just make sure he’s actually awake before handing off the baby. Just sayin’)

4. Good traveler.

5. If you have duct tape, he has the solution.

6. He’s a good cook.

7. He let’s me eat the frosting off his cake.

8. He makes me laugh every day. He tells me he loves me every day. And even if he didn’t say it, I would know by the way he treats me.

He’s the best. I’m a very lucky girl.



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He Could Do Worse

Matthew had a play date with his friend Lindsay this week. Lindsay is his very very very best friend from school. They had a lot of fun. Lindsay is a girl with a plan for her future.

Lindsay “Matthew, you are going to marry me.”

Matthew: “I am not.”

L: “Yes, you are. You are going to marry me.”

M: (exasperated) “Okay, fine! I’ll marry you.”

L: “Well, you don’t have to do it today.”

M: “Oh, okay.”

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Duck Donuts

One of the best things about going to the Outer Banks is stopping off at Duck Donuts.

The boys asked for chocolate frosted with sprinkles. I like the sugar cinnamon ones. Steven had one of the maple frosted. Nana and Grandpa got chocolate with peanuts.

Don’t they look delicious?

Matthew enjoyed his, too.

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Stayin’ Cool in the Pool

As always, the pool was a big hit on vacation. We spent a few hours there every day. The boys did a lot of paddling, splashing, and floating around in their swim rings. Matthew practiced his swimming skills, too.

Daddy got into the pool with the boys often. I got a few pictures of a game they played called “twister.”

It involved going in a circle in the pool,

and then leaping into the air.

A couple of hours in the pool can really wear a guy out.

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Kite Flying Fun

We got some new kits at the beach and took them out flying. It was a great night for kites.

Matthew chose a purple dragon kite,

which he flew himself.

It’s so much easier when the beach is empty. There is plenty of room to run. And if the kite comes crashing down (not that this happened to us, mind you) no one is in the way.

David chose a T-rex kite. He did not fly it himself, but he shouted lots of encouragement to me.

Happiness is a night on the beach flying kites.

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A Sailing Adventure

Daddy and Grandpa planned a sailing adventure for the boys. Unfortunately, all the boats were checked out when they got to the marina.

No problem. They headed to Digger’s Dungeon to check out the monster truck that resides in the Outer Banks.

Grave Digger!

Look at those wheels!

Kind of amazing, isn’t it.

After lunch, they headed back to the marina, got suited up, and headed out for an afternoon of sailing.

I love this picture. According to Steven, Matthew spent most of his time in the boat screaming, “I HATE THIS!” Here, at least, is a moment of smiles. (In Matthew’s defense, he was afraid the boat was going to tip, and the water was wavy enough to make him nervous.)

David loved it. He sat in the front and shouted, “Woo hoo!” the entire time.

The come home wet, tired, and full of stories about their Big Sailing Adventure.

Steven was a little disappointed that Matthew didn’t have more fun. I fessed up and told that on my first sailing trip I cried and demanded to be taken back to shore. I got better. I expect Matthew will, too.

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