Castles of Sand

We were very lucky in the weather department during our beach trip. We were a little less lucky in the “Daddy-feeling-healthy” department. He was still getting over his turn with the flu that the boys had the week before. He was a trooper, though, and on Day 1 he headed out to make a sand castle.

Off to a good start.

Getting the right mixture of sand and water is essential to good castle construction.

Grandpa assisted in the design and construction.


The management team took a much-needed snack break.


a very looooooong snack break.

The castle turned out well, and for the first time in (our) history, no one smashed it to pieces before it was done. The boys lost interest in the beach soon after snack time and headed for the pool. Daddy went to take a well-earned nap.


July 7, 2011. family, trips.

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