Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was yesterday. I celebrated with a trip to the grocery, a trip to the gym (where I got hit in the face with a football), and making myself a caramel cake (yum-oh). Matthew seemed well during the day, but his fever came back around dinner. David fell off the edge of the baby pool and has a nasty bruise under his nose.

In other words, a fairly typical day for us.

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Earthquake 2011

On Tuesday morning, I took David to the movies. We had a nice time. When we got home, I let Lucy in the backyard and began filling the baby pool for David. Then I came inside to start the dryer and put things away.

David started yelling. I walked across the family room…. and it hit. An earthquake. In Virginia. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

It was crazy.

The house shook. Everything rattled. The noise was so loud. At first I thought the dryer was shaking, but it was too loud for that. Pictures fell off the book-case. I ran outside. David was in the pool, mad because the hose had fallen out.

Lucy was in the middle of the yard sunning herself. She didn’t even notice.

Jenn called. “Did you feel that?” she asked. Yep, I felt it.

Steven called. “Did you feel anything?” he asked. I assured him I had FELT SOMETHING ALRIGHT! IT WAS A FREAKING EARTHQUAKE! (I pride myself in the calm manner with which I handle disasters)

My mom called. “Did you feel that?”

Oh yeah. We felt that.

And then our renters called. They felt it, then they noticed the hot water heater had emptied 40 gallons of water into the kitchen. I told them to call a plumber and send us the bill.

Thirty minutes later, they called again. Water had begun pouring into the condo from the ceiling, the light fixtures, and down one wall. They were doing their best, but could use a wet/dry vac if we had one.

We did. I drove it over. It was a mess. Pipes in one of the upstairs end units ruptured, flooding the surrounding units. Ours was not too bad. The unit above us had a ceiling cave in. Another unit looked like it was raining inside, and this was after the water had been turned off.

It’s all fixable, and even better, it’s covered. Kind of a pain in the patoot, but not one that will last.

So there. I have lived through an actual earthquake.

Can I be done now? Cuz it was not my favorite experience.

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Yeye’s Elliptical

Yeye has a new elliptical machine so he can get some exercise even when it’s too cold (or windy, or snowy) to walk on the beach.

The boys loved it.

Lucy, not so much.

Matthew could walk on the machine by himself, but David needed help. I got plenty of exercise walking on the elliptical with David (even though I was also walking Lucy twice a day, even in the rain. Oh, joy.)

Matthew is pretty sure we need one in our house. Mommy is pretty sure we do not.

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Foggy Beach

In early August, the boys and I went for a long weekend to DE. We headed out to the beach in the morning and encountered an odd phenomenon.

Fog at the beach.

In all my years of beach-going (and there have been a lot), I have not seen fog like this.

It was so foggy the life guards put up the red “no swimming” flag. They couldn’t see people in the water from their chair.

It was crazy, but the boys had a good time chasing seagulls and digging holes.

Eventually, the fog lifted and we got some time to splash in the water.

The boys absolutely love wave chasing.

Our attempt at a family photo on the beach failed, as usual. But we had lots of fun and went home wet, sandy, happy, and tired.

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A Visit with Cousin Molly

Cousin Molly is off to grand adventures in Florida, but she stopped by for a quick visit on her way (with aunt Libbie in tow).

Libbie, Grandpa, Molly, and Matthew

Libbie and Nana with her new fairy house.

David and Matthew, enjoying the porch.

Silliness is our favorite pass time.

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Sleepy Boys (and Girl)

Friday night is Movie Night in our house. Back in July we let the boys stay up a little later than usual to watch the show.

They were so appreciative!

Even Lucy enjoyed staying up past her usual bedtime.

I just wish I could remember what we were watching…

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Parting with the Play House

When Matthew was a baby, we got this awesome toy. He loved it when he could sit in front of it and play, he loved playing peek-a-boo through the door, and he loved pretending it was a real door to a real house. He flicked the door light with glee, sang along with the songs, and explored the hands of a clock.

Matthew, 10 month's old.

David loved it, too, but being the younger, much neglected child, I don’t have any cute pictures of him playing in it.

David, 13 months old.

It was a great toy, but we don’t use it anymore. The boys have a big play house on the deck that they can, you know, fit into. Aside from ringing the doorbell to see if it still makes noise (it does!), they leave it along.

In my latest toy purge I decided it was time to, as my friend Suzanne would say, “Keep the memories and lose the stuff.”

I packed up the door and took it to the local donation center.

Front door, complete with mail slot and flower box.

Back door, complete with light switch. LOVED the light switch.

I hope the next kid who plays with the door loves it as much as we have. And I hope the boys remember how much fun we had with it, too.

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Family Reunion

Mom’s family had a reunion last weekend. It was the first time in a looooooong time that everyone got together.

Cousin James brought his fire fighter uniform for the boys to try on.

Matthew in the helmet and goggles.

David in pants and boots.

Not too big for walking in.

Ta da! Ready for action!

Bubble time on the playground.

The siblings: Gene, Cathy, Margaret, and Libbie

The siblings with a couple of misbehaving kids jumping in.

Second generation - William, Lee, Susan, Elizabeth, James Kevin, Davin, Paul

Oh, look. Matthew sneaked in again.

Everyone else. For once, Matthew and David are supposed to be in the picture.

Back row: Gene, Cathy, Margaret, Libbie

Middle row: Lee, Vinnie, Vincent, Amanda, Kristen, Zach, Matt, Susan, Elizabeth, James, Kevin

Front row: Nicole, Michelle, Davin, David, Matthew, Paul

Special thanks to Steven who played with the boys while I talked with the cousins, and took a bunch of photos of his wife’s crazy family. Smooches!

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Dutch Wonderland

We stopped at Dutch Wonderland on our way back from a family reunion last weekend (pictures to follow, I promise!). The weather forecast was for rain, but it looked decent in the morning so we decided to go and hope for clear skies.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It rained a few times, but only briefly. We were under cover each time. The clouds kept the temps down, and it wasn’t very crowded. We almost never waited in line. The boys rode nearly every ride in the park. We finally dragged them out at 5 pm because a) Steven and I could barely stay on our feet, and b) we needed to meet Nana and Grandpa for dinner.

Riding the diggers

Hopping Frogs - made them laugh.

Preparing for some bumper car action.

David wisely let Grandpa do the driving.

Well, I got ONE kid looking.

Hey, look! Mommy rode the roller coaster!


We didn’t go to any of the water park, since we thought it would rain all day, but otherwise we did everything there was to do. We saw a diving show, rode the rail road and the monorail, and the sky ride  (never again). Matthew rode the big roller coaster two times in a row.

Since the crowd so light, the boys got to play a few of the carnival games. It was only ever the two of them, which greatly improved their odds. Matthew was delighted to win a stuffed whale from the water gun game. He trotted off with his prize proclaiming, “I have never won anything before in my whole, entire life!” The next time they played I asked him to let David win, which he did.

And to think, we almost didn’t go…..

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P Nats

We took in a Potomac Nationals game a few weeks ago. We went on a Sunday afternoon and started off with lunch at the park.

It was a super hot day (100* or so), but we managed to sit through a few innings before the boys needed to find some shade.

(Matthew actually leaned over and said, “Mommy, you should take a picture of this.” And then he left to go cool off in the sprinkler.)

They had a cooling off area in the shade right next to a kid-friendly play area. They are no fools.

Grandpa took the boys in to practice pitching.

Grandpa gave David some pointers (and moved him a little bit closer to the target.)

It’s hard to see if you don’t know where to look, but the ball is heading straight for the catcher’s mitt in this shot.

Matthew had his own, unique style. He did pretty well this way, too.

There was a moon bounce slide, too, which the boys enjoyed. That’s David in the background. He threw himself down the slide.

After the 7th inning stretch, we decided we had taken as much of the heat as we could. We packed up and headed for the car.

We were glad to hear the P Nats won, earning two more runs after we left.

The next time I suggest a mid-day game during a horrendous heat wave, someone has got to stop me.


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