Garage Cleaning

When we moved into the house in the fall of ’03 we had to combine two households. We put a lot of stuff in the garage to “go through later.” And we did go through it later.

It just took 7 1/2 years.

Nana and Grandpa came over on Saturday morning to help. Nana took the boys to the pool. Grandpa helped us empty the garage, sorting into piles (donation, toss, shed, and garage).

So, here’s the funny thing about cleaning your garage on a Saturday morning in July. Everyone thinks you are having a yard sale. And when I say “everyone” I mean…. everyone! I finally made a sign to discourage people from parking and wandering through our piles of stuff.

It made no difference what so ever.

On the plus side, we made $7 selling an old phone and a bike helmet, both destined for donations. Not bad considering we weren’t having a yard sale.

On Garage Cleaning Day 2 we rented a truck to take the large cabinets to a donation center.

Two boys,

one truck,

much happiness.

That’s because they didn’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Grandpa and Daddy had a difficult time finding someone who would take the old kitchen cabinets. Eventually, they left them on the loading dock at Habitat for Humanity, a group who takes cabinets, but is closed on Sundays. We hope they were happily surprised on Monday morning!

After 15 hours of work over two days, we finally had a tidy garage that fit BOTH cars.

And $7, which we used to buy popcorn at “Cars 2” with the kids.



August 3, 2011. family.

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