Two Realsies and a Whopper

Matthew likes to listen to Kid’s Place Live on Serious XM in the car. In the afternoon they play a game called “Two Realsies and a Whopper.” Kids call in to the Mindy, the host, and tell her two true things and one lie. She has to guess the lie.

Yesterday, Matthew came up with his own, just in case I ever remember the phone number and find myself somewhere that I could call without wrecking the car (neither of which is very likely at 5 pm, but I digress).

1. My dad is a dentist.

2. I have a puppy.

3. She likes to sleep on the couch.

I like his list. It’s creative and believable. Sadly, Lucy does seem to like the couch. And no one actually knows what Steven does all day.


August 10, 2011. Matthew.

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