Family Reunion

Mom’s family had a reunion last weekend. It was the first time in a looooooong time that everyone got together.

Cousin James brought his fire fighter uniform for the boys to try on.

Matthew in the helmet and goggles.

David in pants and boots.

Not too big for walking in.

Ta da! Ready for action!

Bubble time on the playground.

The siblings: Gene, Cathy, Margaret, and Libbie

The siblings with a couple of misbehaving kids jumping in.

Second generation - William, Lee, Susan, Elizabeth, James Kevin, Davin, Paul

Oh, look. Matthew sneaked in again.

Everyone else. For once, Matthew and David are supposed to be in the picture.

Back row: Gene, Cathy, Margaret, Libbie

Middle row: Lee, Vinnie, Vincent, Amanda, Kristen, Zach, Matt, Susan, Elizabeth, James, Kevin

Front row: Nicole, Michelle, Davin, David, Matthew, Paul

Special thanks to Steven who played with the boys while I talked with the cousins, and took a bunch of photos of his wife’s crazy family. Smooches!


August 17, 2011. family, special occasions.

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