Parting with the Play House

When Matthew was a baby, we got this awesome toy. He loved it when he could sit in front of it and play, he loved playing peek-a-boo through the door, and he loved pretending it was a real door to a real house. He flicked the door light with glee, sang along with the songs, and explored the hands of a clock.

Matthew, 10 month's old.

David loved it, too, but being the younger, much neglected child, I don’t have any cute pictures of him playing in it.

David, 13 months old.

It was a great toy, but we don’t use it anymore. The boys have a big play house on the deck that they can, you know, fit into. Aside from ringing the doorbell to see if it still makes noise (it does!), they leave it along.

In my latest toy purge I decided it was time to, as my friend Suzanne would say, “Keep the memories and lose the stuff.”

I packed up the door and took it to the local donation center.

Front door, complete with mail slot and flower box.

Back door, complete with light switch. LOVED the light switch.

I hope the next kid who plays with the door loves it as much as we have. And I hope the boys remember how much fun we had with it, too.


August 18, 2011. David, Matthew, the boys.

One Comment

  1. sthibeault replied:

    Your friend Suzanne is overcome with affection. (And the picture of David at 13 months could not look more like Steven!)

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