Happy 4th Birthday, David!

David is four years old today. He is celebrating with a party with friends at My Gym and dinner at home with family.

Matthew holding David, Oct. 2007 (1 month old)

At four, David has some firm opinions of things. His favorite food is spaghetti.

David and Daddy, Oct. 2008 (1 year old)

His favorite game is football. Or soccer. Or baseball. If it has a ball, he wants to play it.

Feeding Puppy some yogurt, Oct. 2009 (2 years old)

His favorite movies are “Cars” and “Cars 2.”

Prepping the Thanksgiving turkey with Matthew and Daddy, Nov. 2010 (3 years old)

He likes to read, he loves books on tape, and his favorite library book is “Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken.”

First day of pre school, Sept. 2011 (3 3/4 years old)

His favorite thing to say is, “I will fight them to death.” He’ll say this about spiders, ghosts, imaginary kung fu opponents… anything even remotely scary.

Enjoying his party with friends, Sept. 18 2011 - 4 years old!

He is a joy and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

Enjoy being the birthday boy, David!


September 19, 2011. David, family, special occasions.

One Comment

  1. Suzanne replied:

    Happy birthday, David! Happy birthing-day, mama! (a little late, but David was a little early, so it all works out). xxoo

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