Frying Pan Park Field Trip

David’s preschool went on their annual field trip to Frying Pan Park on Wednesday morning. We had lovely, cool fall weather, and it didn’t rain until after we left. Phew!

Chickens Gone Wild! They were running around the yard like... chickens. David got scared, though, so we left them alone.

David and friends checking out the goats.

Checking out the farm equipment.

Saying "hi" to the peacock.

Another mom took our picture together.

On the tractor ride!

Petting the very patient goat.

Woo hoo! Chasing games are so much fun!

Tag! Did I win? I think I won...

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David Gets A Chance to Party

David’s classmate had a Halloween birthday party. Everyone got to go in costume. David chose last year’s Spider Man costume.

It went really well with Devin’s Batman outfit.

What’s a party without pizza and cake?

David had a really good time. The birthday girl gave out prizes at the end of the party. David was voted “Best Spider Man.”

He doesn’t like the Frankenstein bag, because “it’s scary.” But he loved the Fun Dip that was inside.

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Epic Battle

Matthew staged an epic battle last weekend with some of his favorite things.


Some are dead. Others are just shells he’s found in the yard.

I’m not sure which side is winning.

You know, some kids play with army men….

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Matthew’s Eye View

A few weeks ago we headed to Burke Lake Park to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Lucy and I took a walk while “the boys” took a ride on the train. Matthew grabbed the camera and took some pictures of his favorite things.

The Woods


Matthew's Feet

Daddy's Foot

David Gazing at the Carousel

Clickity Clack Down the Track

Pretty Blue Sky


More Dark Woods

More Blue Sky

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Take a Walk

A few weeks ago, we went to Oktoberfest at church. The kids had a great time eating popcorn and playing in the moon bounce (two very traditional German activities) while listening to a genuine acordian player. After a round of dancing under the limbo pole (yes, really) we got to do a cake walk. Matthew and I were one team, David and Daddy were on the other.

Matthew won! He was so excited. He proudly went up to the cake table and picked the biggest, fanciest cake there.

The cake tasted every bit as good as it looks, too. Yum-o.


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Football Fans

The boys enjoy watching some football on the weekends.

Football is fascinating.

Just ask David.

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Apple Pie Fail

I tried a new way to make apple pie this weekend. It only takes a single crust, so it looks like apple pie pizza when you are done.

At least, that’s how it looks if you do it right.

I did not do it right.

It was like a sea of molten sugar surrounding an island of apple pie.

Did we eat it? Yes we did. It was delicious.

Did it take me four tries to clean the cookie sheet? Yes. Yes it did.

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Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we headed to Burke Nursery Gardens for our annual pumpkin patch fun. This year, I did NOT have a broken toe, which made it so much more fun.

The boys had a blast. They ran around for an hour and a half. They played on everything. Twice. And then they walked through the pumpkin “patch” to find the biggest little pumpkins they could.

Matthew spent a lot of time playing on the train.

They had fun until David fell off.

It's hard to see, but they are both on the slide.

David really enjoyed his "pony ride."

Matthew figured out all the OTHER ways he could ride besides facing forward in the saddle.

He was so proud of himself.

Fun was had by one and all!

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And I Thought Only Cats Liked Yarn

If you inadvertently leave a dog unattended for an hour while your children have an impromptu play date, she will climb up on the couch, steal an entire skein of yarn off the sofa table, and unspool it all over the family room floor.

Guess how I know.

Look at hear! She’s not even sorry she did it.

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Hurricane Irene

Waaaaay back in August, we had a hurricane. It came on a Saturday, so we had the pleasure of hanging around together all day watching it rain. And rain. And rain.

The actual hurricane mostly missed us. Our family in Vermont got hammered (we’re sorry!), but for us it was The Most Boring Natural Disaster Ever.

Here are some photos we took.

Lucy is very disappointed that the play house is not adequately boarded up for storm-force winds.

Matthew checked on the baby pool. We let it fill in case we lost power and needed water to flush with.

After moving small things into the shed, we turned over the table and benches.

David made sure we were doing it right.

Tracking the storm on the computer. Most exciting part of the day, frankly.

"Hurricane-shmurrican. When's dinner? And who's taking me out? A dogs gotta walk...."

Our storm vigilance was rewarded the first week of school when we had the flood.

If we had known how much rain was coming, we would have enjoyed the relative dullness of Irene a little more.

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