Hurricane Irene

Waaaaay back in August, we had a hurricane. It came on a Saturday, so we had the pleasure of hanging around together all day watching it rain. And rain. And rain.

The actual hurricane mostly missed us. Our family in Vermont got hammered (we’re sorry!), but for us it was The Most Boring Natural Disaster Ever.

Here are some photos we took.

Lucy is very disappointed that the play house is not adequately boarded up for storm-force winds.

Matthew checked on the baby pool. We let it fill in case we lost power and needed water to flush with.

After moving small things into the shed, we turned over the table and benches.

David made sure we were doing it right.

Tracking the storm on the computer. Most exciting part of the day, frankly.

"Hurricane-shmurrican. When's dinner? And who's taking me out? A dogs gotta walk...."

Our storm vigilance was rewarded the first week of school when we had the flood.

If we had known how much rain was coming, we would have enjoyed the relative dullness of Irene a little more.


October 7, 2011. Daddy, David, family, Lucy, Matthew.


  1. sthibeault replied:

    Taking Sam to Vassar. We were at a rest stop in Pennsylvania when I got a call from Erin that there had been an earthquake–before Irene. I remember this specifically, because Paul and I proceeded to drop our only progeny in OMG Poughkeepsie and then flee before hurricane Irene arrived. World’s Worst Parents, yes, but we were with him for the earthquake– before Irene. xxoo

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    See how easily you can edit your own thoughts? I COMPLETELY reversed those two events in my head. Probably because we are still dealing with earthquake damage…. I’ll fix it.

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