Snow in October

The week before Halloween, we got some snow.

In October.

In Virginia.

Absolutely crazy.

It didn’t last. In fact, it was 70* yesterday – at the end of November.

The End!

Of November!



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Candy Sorting

Since both boys had fevers the week of Halloween, we were all stuck at home. I decided we needed a little structure. I grabbed our (sizable) bag of candy and a couple of clipboards and we did some Candy Math.

First, we sorted the candy by color.

Next we grouped it into piles of 10 pieces and counted it up. This is something Matthew has been doing at school, so I figured it would be good practice. We had over 170 pieces. Yikes.

We may ¬†have sampled a few pieces along the way…..

Then we sorted through to see if we could find one piece of candy for every letter of the alphabet.

The first part of the alphabet looked pretty good,

but the end was kind of sad.

The boys did not seem as disappointed by this as I was.

I can’t imagine why.


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It’s gotta get better than this!

Matthew has decided he wants to be a Tiger Cub (as the youngest member of the Boy Scouts). On Friday, we went to our first pack meeting. Naturally, we were running late so we walked in just before they presented “the colors.”

Next, David crawls up into Steven’s lap and falls fast asleep. During the ceremony, Matthew was presented a patch for joining his new pack. Daddy (with sleeping David on his shoulder) got to join him in the front of the room.

Last, being Veteran’s Day, we got to hear from a person representing each service. When the Navy P-3 (pilot) veteran stood up, Matthew raised his hand to inform him that “tank bombs are bigger than plane bombs.”

Looks like we can scratch the Naval Academy off our list.

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David Hearts Soccer

David spent all last year desperate to be on a soccer team. This year, he was old enough to sign up. He loves it. He loves every part of it. He loves wearing cleats, he loves wearing his jersey, he loves being on the “blue team,” and he loves running after the ball.

And boy does he run after the ball. That kid is focused. And not above pushing someone out of the way so he can get in a good kick, I’m sorry to say. (He’s not alone. The four-year-olds are a pretty pushy bunch).

I got to take some photos at the game this weekend. It was cold. It was 34*, with a slight, painful, breeze. And we had to sit in the shade. And Matthew was super cold, so I had to give him my coat.

David was unfazed.

This is my NEW winter coat, too. Sigh….



They still mostly play “herd ball,” but every now and again someone passes the ball, or they all break away and cover different parts of the field. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Years from now David is going to be really mad about that hat. What can I say? It kept him warm.

Next week is the last game, so we took a team picture at the end of the game.

and one with the coach.

He’s going to be really bummed when soccer is over.

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Mini Me

Sometimes Matthew likes to dress Just Like Daddy. So last Saturday, when Steven put on his jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, Matthew did the same.

He is so proud of himself.

Then he ran off to get his glow in the dark vampire teeth.

Of all the silly expressions, I think I like Lucy’s cocked ear the best. She loves us all dearly, but sometimes she just cannot figure us out.

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Lucy, sit!

We signed Lucy up for obedience classes this fall. Every Saturday morning, Daddy took the boys to soccer and Mommy took Lucy to obedience class. We spent eight weeks learning the basics – look, sit, down, stand, come, touch, stay, heel, and quiet.


We had a graduation ceremony complete with certificates and treats! Watching a room full of puppies pose for a group picture is hilarious.

Lucy had a pretty good time in class, and she learned a lot, but she still has a ways to go.

For example,

she knows she is not allowed on the furniture.

And? The day after she graduated from Level 1 obedience? She stole a piece of bread from Matthew.

Apparently “morals and ethics” are covered in Level 2.

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Last Train Til Spring

Not really, but once the time changes it’s not much fun waiting for the train, since it is both dark AND cold.

So, quick before we turn back the clocks, we headed out to meet Grandpa at the train station.

The boys played “monkey in the cage” games for a while.

Matthew was fascinated by the pay phone.

“Mommy, I dialed the number, but no one answered.”

A certain amount of dancing usually goes on as well.

Oh, look! The train is coming!

And here is one of our favorite people,


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Down Dog

Lucy is a natural yogi

Actually, when she stretches she does the “down dog” and “up dog” poses we do in yoga. I just can’t seem to catch it on film (probably because when she gets up it is 6:30 am and I am not really in a “camera” mood.)

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Finding the Perfect Pumpkin

The weekend before Halloween, we went out to Great Country Farms to pick our pumpkins. Matthew declared he was going to get the biggest pumpkin he could find.

He wasn’t kidding.

Tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Matthew is doing his zombie impression.

Hoisting the heavy pumpkin

Lucy joined the hunt, although she was probably hoping we'd find a big squirrel.

Matthew and David tromped through the field looking for The Perfect Pumpkin.

Two of the contenders.

David had snack with our pumpkins while waiting for the tractor.

Checking out the bee hives

Heading in to the corn maze.

Getting muddy and loving every minute of it.

Petting the pony

David told him (her?) "I'm a pony, too! I'm in the Star Ponies class!"

Goofing off (Lucy is the pig)

Feeding a pumpkin to "P" Rex

Matthew at the bicycle go-cart track. He would be there still, but I made him let another kid have a turn.

We dragged home our pumpkins and put them on the scale. One was 25 lbs, the other one was nearly 40 lbs.  They did make interesting jack-0-lanterns.

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What he said

“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be ‘happy.’ I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you have lived at all.”

Leo C. Rosten

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