Finding the Perfect Pumpkin

The weekend before Halloween, we went out to Great Country Farms to pick our pumpkins. Matthew declared he was going to get the biggest pumpkin he could find.

He wasn’t kidding.

Tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Matthew is doing his zombie impression.

Hoisting the heavy pumpkin

Lucy joined the hunt, although she was probably hoping we'd find a big squirrel.

Matthew and David tromped through the field looking for The Perfect Pumpkin.

Two of the contenders.

David had snack with our pumpkins while waiting for the tractor.

Checking out the bee hives

Heading in to the corn maze.

Getting muddy and loving every minute of it.

Petting the pony

David told him (her?) "I'm a pony, too! I'm in the Star Ponies class!"

Goofing off (Lucy is the pig)

Feeding a pumpkin to "P" Rex

Matthew at the bicycle go-cart track. He would be there still, but I made him let another kid have a turn.

We dragged home our pumpkins and put them on the scale. One was 25 lbs, the other one was nearly 40 lbs.  They did make interesting jack-0-lanterns.


November 7, 2011. Daddy, David, Lucy, Matthew, Mommy.

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