Attitude Is Everything

Every year, I try to find some balance in the Christmas season. And every year I end up stressed out and frustrated, vowing to make the next year different.

This year was different.

This year I announced that I expected the Christmas season to be totally crazy, overwhelming, and exhausting. I predicted we would run around like mad to multiple performances, parties, and events, and then we would cap it off with a 48 hour family visitation marathon.

I. Was. So. Right.

The boys had concerts! Steven had concerts! Meghan danced in the Nutcracker! Uncle Steve had a birthday! With ice skating! The first grade play needed new sets! The first graders needed a party planned! And costumes! And the teachers needed cookies! And the cub scouts had a big meeting! With gifts to collect! And THEY needed cookies! People needed gifts! The church needed help running the angel tree! The children needed to see Santa! And they needed haircuts!

By Christmas dinner, we were wiped out. We spent Boxing Day staggering around until it was at least a decent hour for a nap.

It was one of the best Christmases we have had.

To be fair, the boys are older now and that makes life in general easier. But I think the biggest difference was my attitude. Sure, I was totally stressed out. I was overwhelmed. It’s just possible I yelled a tiny little bit at the kids, but I was never surprised. I just went with the stress, powered through the craziness, did what absolutely had to be done that day and left the rest for the next crazy day. Some things did not get done. Some things got done just in the nick of time.

We made sure we did all the really important stuff. More importantly, we enjoyed the time with each other and with our families.

And even more importantly, it’s finally over.

Merry Christmas!



December 27, 2011. family, holidays.

One Comment

  1. Suzanne replied:

    AND you made time for a visiting friend. Thank you for sharing a generous chunk of your precious time, and more importantly, of you precious self. I love you!

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