Nutcracker Ballet

Today, my niece Meghan turns 10. I met Meghan when she was just a newborn baby. That doesn’t feel like ten years ago…  Earlier this month, we got to see her perform with Ballet Nova in the Nutcracker. She was one of the party girls.

Before the performance.

Matthew's very loose tooth finally fell out when he hugged Grandma and bumped his mouth on the button of her coat.

She was great. Matthew loved the ballet. He sat on the edge of his seat through both acts. David fell asleep just as the first act started. He woke up half-way through the battle with the Mouse King. He was a little confused. He sat out the second half with Grandma, who had seen the ballet many times that week during dress rehearsals.

"Party girl" Meghan, on stage

Since the party girls are only in the first act, Meghan joined us for the second act.

Flowers for the ballerina from her delighted parents.

The boys have been playing Nutcracker with their pretend swords ever since. Matthew is the Mouse King and David is the Nutcracker. They hum the tune while they leap around swinging foam swords in the air.

It’s priceless.


December 28, 2011. David, family, Matthew.

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