First Grade Scenery

A week before the first graders had their Holiday Spectacular!, I got an urgent plea from a fellow mom. Sara had been hard at work creating the scenery for the first graders, but needed help getting it all hung. We had to do it the Friday before the show, and it had to be done by COB on Friday to be ready for the first (of three) performances Monday morning.

Ten days before Christmas is not an ideal time to be out volunteering, so of course, I said yes.

We spent five hours working on the scenery. It was well worth the time. The teachers were over-the-moon excited to see the beautiful work Sara had done. In past yeas, the set has consisted of shower curtains.

We started by gluing down some gossamer to create “snow” and then we glued down the large pieces to the backdrop. At this point, I was coated in a layer of spray glue and glitter and I stuck to pretty much anything I touched.

One of the tall mothers hung snowflakes from the ceiling on the stage and all around the cafeteria.

Once the big pieces were down, we glued stars at the top of the backdrop. Sara added some beautiful shimmer around the stars that was truly impressive. I helped hang white sheets on the sides of the stage (because I don’t really “do” impressive).

We were finally ready to hang the backdrop a little after lunch. Unfortunately, many of the volunteers from the morning had to leave. We had to recruit a few moms who happened to be at school doing other volunteer jobs. Even better, one of them was tall AND wearing heels. We stood on ladders and used binder clips to attach the backdrop to a ledge in the ceiling tiles.

It looked so good!

We taped it onto the floor so it wouldn’t wave when the kids walked in front of it. Then we fussed with the rest of the stage to make it look a little more finished.

At some point, someone found some old decorations and we decided to put them at the entrance.

Cute, eh? We did the whole thing before we lit the sign. Thank goodness it worked.

We finished this just as the kids were lining up for their final dress rehearsal. Matthew is always happy to see me at school.

The kids loved the scenery. The teachers loved the scenery. After five hours, I loved it, too, but I was kind of over it. I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee, so I didn’t stay for the rehearsal.

So shimmery!

PS – The glue mostly came off my jeans, but there is still enough glitter stuck on to be a good conversation piece.



December 29, 2011. Matthew, Mommy, school.

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