Holiday Spectacular! Day 1

So, the first graders had three performance of their Holiday Spectacular! (You can’t type the title without the exclamation point. It’s the rule.) The first one was Monday morning for the 4th- 6th graders at school. I headed off to see it, too, so Matthew would have a familiar face in the audience. Our favorite sitter, Danielle, joined me.

Entering the cafeteria

We waved to him when he was in position because we are cool, classy people. He waved back.

Each first grade class had time on stage to sing and dance to two songs.

The "snowflakes" went first.

Next came the "snow day" kids. They rocked out on air guitars.

They were all fun, but the penguins were the best.

Matthew told me he would be the one "with the green, red, and blue glitter."

Don't they look cute in front of that awesome scenery?

I’m not that good with the video camera (actually, I’m terrible with it), but I did get one video of the class singing “Penguin Polka.”

After each class had a turn (I missed the reindeer, oops) they all got up and sang a few winter/holiday songs together.

Nobody puts Matthew in the corner!

There are 100+ first graders up there, all singing along and doing a wonderful job.

Danielle and I had a great time. It was such a fun show! The kids were very proud of themselves and Matthew was delighted to have TWO friends in the audience.

It was, as the title suggests, Spectacular!





December 30, 2011. Matthew, special occasions.

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  1. EEyler replied:

    Cutest dance EVER!!! I’m enjoying the rundown of all of the holiday shows–thanks for posting them! 🙂 Tangentially related–if you’re ever in the market for a small and really easy to use video camera, I was paid for a freelance job once with a Flip Cam, and we really like it. Two buttons: the on/off button, and the big red record button. So easy even I can use it! We’ve used it to take videos of Joshua when he’s moving too fast to take pictures of (i.e., almost always!)

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