Holiday Spectacular! The Finale

I know what you were thinking when you got up this morning. You were thinking, “Bummer. Gotta go back to work. But, hey! Maybe Elizabeth posted more pictures of Matthew’s show!”

You are in luck!

The third, and final, performance of the first grade Holiday Spectacular! was Tuesday morning. I headed in, camera in hand, to cheer on Matthew. Sara (the mom who made the beautiful sets) commented that the kids looked a little tired.  They did, but they were still in full Holiday Spectacular! spirit.

"Hi Mom."

The entire first grade

Still waddling. That boy was committed.

One and two and waddle, waddle, do the penguin polka!

First grade Holiday Spectacular! is so much fun. Hooray!

I managed to get one decent video of the Hanukkah song. Matthew has been fascinated with Hanukkah this year. The weird lighting isn’t me. They were trying for a fancy lighting effect in the cafeteria.

So, we survived our first school program!

I told Sara how much I had enjoyed putting together the set and flexing those long-forgotten theater muscles. “Don’t worry,” she assured me. “There’s a lot more to come.”

Oh joy(!)






January 3, 2012. holidays, Matthew, special occasions.

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