Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Lucy turned one on January 4th.

June 2011

She came to join our family in early June. We had lots to learn about dogs.

Walking in the rain - oh joy!

There was the getting up early to let her out stuff, and the walking on a leash stuff,

July 2011

what kind of food to give her, and how much, and when,

David and Lucy, together.

brushing, and bathing (she hates taking a bath. Hates. It.)

Riding in the car in September

visits to the vet, more visits to the vet….

If spend enough, they send you home with a neckerchief!

more visits to the vet.

Lucy is a natural at the "down dog" pose

We had to learn the rules, and then teach them to Lucy, which was a LOT easier than teaching them to the boys.

Sooooooo not allowed on the couch.

It’s been a busy seven months,

Matthew and Lucy, December 2011

but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


January 5, 2012. family, Lucy, special occasions.

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