Bobcat Pride

The first badge a cub scout earns is the Bobcat badge. He (and when I say “he” I mean “his mother”) has to learn the cub scout oath, the cub scout pledge, and the meaning of a bunch of cub scout acronyms and symbols.

At the beginning of December, Matthew and his fellow Tiger Cubs participated in the pack Bobcat ceremony to receive their badges.

I'm too proud of myself to smile.

Any ceremony involving face paint has to be cool.

David was smiling the second before I took this shot.

The Bobcat badge is pinned on upside-down. You can’t turn it over until you do a good deed. Matthew wasted no time. He brought his fellow cub scout a glass of lemonade and demanded I turn the badge over Right. This. Minute.

Stay tuned for the next cub scout hurdle – the Pinewood derby.





January 11, 2012. Matthew, special occasions.

One Comment

  1. elizabeth Kohler replied:

    Ah yes…my boys LOVED the pinewood derby. I think Kevin even won one time 🙂

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