Bowling – For Real!

We have been bowling on the wii many times, but we have never gone to an actual bowling alley.

Until yesterday.

Grandpa had the day off from work and he suggested an outing to the bowling alley with the boys. There aren’t any duck pin alleys anymore, like when I was a kid (a million years ago), but the alleys have bumpers and ramps to make it easier for the kids.

The ball return machine was endlessly fascinating.

Towards the end, Matthew was brave enough to try actually bowling the ball himself. David stuck with the tried and true method of using the ramp.

We took a snack break between games.

David never got tired of hurling the bowling ball down the ramp.

Matthew enjoyed himself, too, but he was more dramatic when things didn’t go as planned.

Grandpa won the first game, but more importantly, I beat Steven.  Sadly, we played a second game where I did not beat Steven. Bummer.

Other than that, it was a super fun outing and the boys are really excited to go again.


January 17, 2012. Daddy, David, family, Matthew.

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