Merry January 27th!

OK, so Christmas was (more than) a month ago, but I’m finally getting around to putting up the pictures from Christmas morning. Our tree is still half-way up (don’t ask), so I suppose I’m no later with this than anything else.

The boys got new PJs from the elves on Christmas Eve, which they loved.

Santa brought Bionicles! So Fun!

And legos!

And a Cars 2 race track!

And calendars!

The boys had a lovely time opening their gifts, investigating their stockings, and playing with new toys while Mommy and Daddy slugged back some coffee. Christmas Eve is always a long night for Daddy. He didn’t get back from singing at church until 1 am, and THEN he had to wrap some gifts.

Funny story – he lost one of my presents, which I had already found. His first “hiding” spot was his underwear drawer, where I go at least once a week to Put Away Underwear.  But he moved it to a different spot so he could wrap things and, in the middle of the night, he couldn’t find it. It took him all TWELVE days of Christmas to locate the gift, too.

He cracks me up.


January 27, 2012. Daddy, David, family, holidays, Matthew, Mommy.

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