Pinewood Derby

A few weeks ago (eek – a MONTH ago!) Matthew completed his first Pinewood Derby. It was quite an experience. Matthew designed his car and helped with painting it, but Steven had to do the actual cutting (Matthew + handsaw = trip to ER).

David and Nana came along with us as part of Team Lightning Car. See that gold section in the front?

That’s the lightning catcher. As Matthew explained it, lightning would get caught in the valley and make the car go Super Fast!

He was very proud of his car, and he was a good cub scout during the derby. His car didn’t win, but it ran well and he placed admirably in the middle of the Tiger cubs.

The derby itself was a lot of fun. Even David had a good time watching the cars race. It was fun to see the varied designs the other Tiger cubs had for their cars.

Next year, we’ll try to get some better tools for Daddy. Even with all his years of experience handling saws, he managed to cut himself.

Totally worth it, though.

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Valentine’s Day Box

Matthew was WAY into Valentine’s day this year. He was adamant that we have his box and Valentine’s in on the very first day we could send them. He chose each card specifically for each classmate. It was very sweet to watch.

I had a great idea for his box, which means, of course, it was a total craftastrophy. Whatever. The idea was to use some of the brown packing paper I love to save, color hearts in crayon all over, and then paint on top with pink and red and white. I figured the crayon would resist the paint and we would have a fun, colorful piece of paper we could use to wrap his box.

Except it didn’t work.

Wrong kind of paint? I don’t know. I haven’t really explored the reasons behind the failure. Thankfully, Matthew wasn’t too worried either way.

He cheerfully drew a bunch of snakes and Pokeman characters with marker and painted over it all with water colors.

Nothing says “I Love You!” quite like a big, pink and green snake with its tongue hanging out.

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David Said….

At dinner on Saturday David said (and I’m not even making this up),

“Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? DADDY!

Don’t look.”


You gotta love the four year old logic at play here.

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Matthew Said….

Matthew came home from school on Friday afternoon and was full of information.

“Mom, did you know you can’t take someone’s pulse with your thumb? Because your thumb has a pulse!

And also? Did you know that heart does NOT look like a Valentine? It actually is all pink, like a football, with big blue veins in it.

It is soooooooo disgusting.”

First grade is pretty awesome like that.

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Basketball Game #2

We had such fun at the last Mason game, we decided to go again. This time, the Patriots played the James Madison Dukes.

The boys enjoyed some popcorn and soda, Mommy enjoyed the cheer and dance teams, and Daddy got his college basketball fix.

And the Patriots won.

A win for all of us!

Popcorn and basketball - fun!

The band was fun to watch, too.

It took me awhile to realize that the reason the boys were rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl is because they associate the name with the Mason Patriots.

How much fun would it be for Mason to go to the big dance this March?

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The Big Game

We watched the super bowl last night. At least, we watched until we fell asleep. David went first, then Matthew, then Mommy. Steven stayed up for the whole game.

Hooray Giants!

(They won, right?).

“Super bowl, shmooper bowl. How come I didn’t get any chili?”

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Dinosaurs and Butterflies

The boys had two days off from school this week, so we convinced Grandpa to play hookie from work and we went down to the Natural History Museum. We started off in the dinosaur hall, which we went through twice. It was a big hit.

That’s Matthew being a T-rex (note the two fingers) and David being a Diplodocus.

No, really. That’s what he told me.

After touring the ocean hall and the mammals exhibit, we went to the cafeteria for lunch (always a good time).

Then we headed up to the butterfly exhibit. The museum really wasn’t crowded, so we got right in to see the butterflies. Matthew had a blast. He stayed in for a least 30 min., and probably would have hung out there longer if he could. David was not a fan. The butterflies, in such close quarters, freaked him out. He lasted a few minutes, and then Grandpa took him out.

We learned that the Owl butterflies are really lazy. They land on people and just kind of hang out there.

This one attached itself to my leg soon after we entered and did not leave until the docent took it off with a paintbrush.

Matthew got a chance to learn about the butterfly life cycle on their fancy, interactive ipad.

We peered into the hatching area, too. One or two new butterflies had emerged, but they weren’t quite ready to come out yet.

In addition to my pant leg, we had a butterfly on the backpack,

and both of the docents.

Matthew took their pictures. He wanted the guides to see which butterflies had landed on them. He kept the camera for a few minutes and took a couple more pictures of the floor, the ceiling, and the occasional butterfly.

It was a great field trip.

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Steven waited all week to tell me that, not 24 hours after the bath, Lucy found a dead animal on her walk and rolled in it.

He swears dogs do this to “mask their scent.”

I think she did it to prove that I may have the soap, and the sink, and the water, but she has the nose to find the dead animals and she’s going to roll in them No Matter What.

Damn dog.

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